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Provide a booking system that is future-proof

Provide a booking system that is future-proof

The workplace uses terms such as open work spaces, activity-based work, hot desks, etc. The essence of this way of working cannot be summed up in a single formula. Various industries, organizations, and even individuals fulfill this need in different ways. Collaboration, meetings, and inspiration are all part of this process. Provide a booking system.

It is imperative that this working method succeeds by providing all employees with constant access to important information and allowing them to work wherever and whenever they wish. The work environment will require flexibility on your part.

The cost of renting an office is also high. Meeting rooms and desks that aren’t used are unnecessary expenses. Work productivity is killed by seeking a place to work. Facility managers are therefore responsible for making sure the space is utilized as efficiently and effectively as possible. Access to them would be as easy as possible for all employees.

What does hot desking entail?

Working from home or hot desking can be used to apply agile principles to the workplace.

All open workstations (desks) are accessible when each employee arrives in the office each morning. Huddle rooms and flexible office settings are features of the agile corporate culture. For most people, sitting at the same desk every day is not necessary. It is common for desks to remain idle for the entire day under such circumstances.

When needed, a hot desk is utilized. Realistically, one could reduce the number of workspaces and diversify workspace types (quiet spaces, relaxation areas, creative meeting spaces, etc.). Due to constant interaction with multiple individuals, hot desks also inspire collaboration and creativity. You become creative when your environment changes.

Adapt to COVID-19

After Covid-19 arrived, things went from bad to worse for us office workers. As the office became unworkable, we began to work from home. New working methods were accelerated as a result. Several months later, the situation has not changed. There is an apparent decrease in the number of cases in some countries, and local outbreaks in others. Another group is trying to get its workers back to work. As of January 31, some companies have already announced they will remain closed until December 31.  

It has proven effective to return to the office (partly) through adaptive working and Desk booking software. Which is the easiest, yet most professional way to do that? Taking social distancing and potential maximum capacity measures into consideration, how can we ensure workers’ safety? The demand for desk booking solutions is growing at an explosive pace, in contrast to Covid-19. A company would rather its employees arrive at work in a safe, convenient, and smart manner.Provide a booking system.

Be smart about your work

To gain insight into how an office is used, using Smart Technology is a necessity in agile work environments. With the help of technology, your employees can operate more efficiently, effectively, and smartly. By becoming more productive, they have more time for what matters most. Provide a booking system

 By using the GoBright platform, smart technology is demonstrated. Room booking, desk booking, and visitor registration can be completed online from any location at any time. The Active Directory in your organization can integrate with virtually any (office) IT system you currently have. It is the facility manager’s job to know what is occupied in each space and how to use it effectively.

Knowing how to measure is knowing how to know

You can book a workspace using an app. Employers have already decided which desks will be open and closed in advance according to social distancing rules. Employers know exactly how many employees are in each department when employees book their office space in advance. For example, it can tell you how busy each day is, or what hours are busiest during the day. During certain days, you have the ability to schedule cleaning teams at a different time or increase cleaning services. The employee’s job is guaranteed by being able to work with his colleague on the same project on the same day.

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