6 Self-Care Tips for Stressful Times

6 Self-Care Tips for Stressful Times

At the moment, the world feels very stressful. The news is filled with negativity and worry. We’re concerned about the rising cost of living and how we’re going to pay our bills. Many of us are busy at work, caring for families, and balancing other responsibilities, and most of us are feeling stressed out at least some of the time.

When times are more stressful than usual, doing things that make us happy, or that look after our own needs often gets left behind. We try to put other people first and work as hard as we can and there’s little time left for self-care. But it’s during these stressful times that we need self-care more than ever. Here is a look at some of the best self-care tips for stressful times.

Get Some Exercise

When it comes to reducing stress, exercise is one of the very best things that you can do for yourself. Exercise reduces stress, helps to improve your outlook and mood, increases your energy levels, boosts your confidence, and helps you to sleep. If you can find an exercise, or a class or group, that you love, the benefits can be even more far-reaching.

Jogging outdoors is popular, but even a long walk can be an effective exercise. Swimming is a great full-body workout, and exercise classes offer social benefits. Look for classes and groups in your local area and deals to aid in your fitness journey.

Set Boundaries

One of the biggest stressors in modern life can be a poor work-life balance. The internet and constant connectivity have improved how we work in many ways, but it also means that we are often guilty of checking and sending work emails in our time off, sending a quick message into the office when we should be resting, or even answering work calls when we are on vacation.

This means that we’re always in work mode and that we’re never truly clocked off. Setting boundaries and refusing to work once you leave the office for the day can help you to take some time back for yourself. Having a separate work phone can help.

Get Off Social Media

Social media can be a fantastic thing. But it’s also a stressor, especially if you spend hours doom scrolling or looking at photoshopped images that make you feel jealous or inadequate. Taking a social media break can be a wonderful act of self-care in itself, but it can also free up some of your time to do more positive things. If you can’t take a full break, limiting your usage is still a good idea.

Make Plans

Having something to look forward to, whether it’s a trip or something smaller like lunch with a friend, can be great for your mental health, helping you to get through the harder days.

Focus on What You Can Change

Things that we see in the news often stress us out or upset us. Part of this is a feeling of helplessness. Instead of being overwhelmed by all of the negativity, try to focus on things that you can change. This could be something like donating to a charity or making budgets to cut your spending.

Find Small Ways to Treat Yourself

When we think of self-care, and stress relief, we often think of big treats like spa weekends and mini breaks, which aren’t always possible. Smaller treats, like a bubble bath, coloring or painting, a peaceful walk, listening to a podcast, or cooking your favorite meal are all important parts of self-care. Try to fit at least one small treat in every day.

Practicing self-care when you are stressed will help to balance your hormones and cortisol levels, help you to sleep, and give you a chance to escape your worries. If you are experiencing sleep issues, a licensed behavior analyst doing ABA therapy in Long Island can help to determine the best solution. Even when you are busy, looking after yourself will help you to care for others, and should never be neglected.

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