7 Proven Tips and Tricks to Reduce Shipping Costs for Large Boxes

7 Proven Tips and Tricks to Reduce Shipping Costs for Large Boxes

Shipping costs can be a significant expense for businesses, especially when it comes to large boxes. However, there are proven tips and tricks that can help reduce these costs and save you money. Here, we will share seven effective strategies that you can use to reduce shipping costs for large boxes.

  1. Choose the right packaging materials

One of the easiest ways to reduce shipping costs for large boxes is by choosing the right packaging materials. The packaging materials you use should be durable and provide sufficient protection for the items being shipped. However, you also want to make sure that the packaging materials are lightweight, as this can help reduce the overall weight of the package and, as a result, lower the shipping costs.

Using lightweight packaging materials like bubble wrap, air pillows, and corrugated cardboard can help you reduce shipping costs for large boxes. These materials provide the necessary protection for your items without adding too much weight to the package.

  1. Use flat-rate shipping boxes

Another strategy to consider is using flat-rate shipping boxes. These boxes are available from most shipping carriers and are a cost-effective way to ship heavy items. Flat-rate boxes come in various sizes, and you can choose the size that best fits your needs. The shipping cost is a fixed rate, regardless of the weight of the box, making it an excellent option for shipping heavy items.

  1. Negotiate with shipping carriers

Many businesses don’t realize that they can negotiate with their shipping carriers for better rates. Shipping carriers are always looking to gain new business, and they may be willing to offer you a discount if you are shipping large volumes of packages.

To negotiate better shipping rates, you should approach the carrier with the volume of packages you ship each month and ask for a discount. Be prepared to negotiate and compare the rates offered by different carriers to find the best deal.

  1. Compare shipping rates

Speaking of comparing rates, it’s essential to compare shipping rates from different carriers to find the best deal. Each carrier has different rates, and some may be more cost-effective for your business than others.

You can use online shipping calculators to compare shipping rates between carriers. These calculators allow you to enter the package’s weight, dimensions, and destination to determine the cost of shipping. Comparing shipping rates will help you identify the carrier that offers the best rates for your business. Visit to get the best quotes https://www.shiply.com/us/large-box-shipping

  1. Use regional carriers

Another effective way to reduce shipping costs for large boxes is by using regional carriers. These carriers offer shipping services within a specific geographic region and often have lower rates than national carriers like FedEx or UPS.

Regional carriers typically have more flexible pricing options and can offer customized shipping solutions for your business. By using a regional carrier, you can reduce shipping costs for large boxes while still ensuring timely delivery.

  1. Optimize your packaging

Optimizing your packaging can help you reduce shipping costs for large boxes. The size and weight of the box can significantly impact shipping costs, so it’s essential to use the smallest box possible while still providing adequate protection for the items being shipped.

You can also use packing techniques like nesting, which involves placing smaller items inside larger ones to save space. This technique can help you reduce the size of the box and lower shipping costs.

  1. Consider using a third-party logistics provider

Finally, consider using a third-party logistics provider (3PL) to reduce shipping costs for large boxes. 3PLs specialize in managing logistics for businesses and can help you optimize your shipping processes and reduce costs.

A 3PL can help you negotiate better shipping rates, optimize your packaging, and provide customized shipping solutions tailored to your business needs. By outsourcing your logistics to a 3PL, you can focus on running your business while reducing shipping costs for large boxes.


In conclusion, reducing shipping costs for large boxes can help businesses save money and increase profitability. By using the right packaging materials, flat-rate shipping boxes, negotiating with carriers, comparing rates, using regional carriers, optimizing packaging, and considering a third-party logistics provider, businesses can effectively lower their shipping costs.

It’s essential to assess your shipping processes regularly and look for opportunities to reduce costs without compromising the quality of service. By implementing these proven tips and tricks, businesses can optimize their shipping processes and reduce expenses, ultimately improving their bottom line.


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