Aquatic Rainbow: 7 Stunning Colorful Saltwater Fish For Your Aquarium

Aquatic Rainbow: 7 Stunning Colorful Saltwater Fish For Your Aquarium

Did you know that around 95% of animal owners rely on their pets for stress relief? 

Depending on the animal, however, some pets could increase anxiety and make life more difficult. Expensive vet bills, food, and fur can become a nuisance, which is why many people are getting alternative pets. If you’re looking to add to your family, but don’t want to stress, a colorful saltwater fish could be the best.

Read below to discover the most impressive, brightly-colored saltwater fish you can place in your tank! 

1. Clownfish 

Perhaps, the most famous type of fish in the sea is clownfish. 

Clownfish are smaller and come in bright colors. Their orange scales and white stripes are bold enough to stand out in the aquarium, but they aren’t needy. If you’re searching for fish for saltwater aquariums, without experience, this is a great breed to start with. 

These little swimmers don’t require a lot of space and they get along with other types of fish. If you want to add a pop of color to your tank, you won’t be disappointed with these friendly little fish. 

2. Regal Blue Tang

If you or your children enjoyed “Finding Dory,” this is the perfect fish to add to your aquarium. 

The Regal Blue Tang is a bright blue fish, with a yellow fin, and black marks. Although Disney’s movies including this infamous fish have made it more popular, this has always been a great choice. Regal Blue Tangs don’t exceed six inches, but they can be a more high-maintenance fish when compared to others. 

With proper care, these fish can live up to 20 years, but they don’t live this long outside of captivity. Since they do so well in captivity, they are added to aquariums all around the globe. 

3. Hawkfish 

Brightly-colored fish can blend in with each other in large communities, but the hawkfish will always stand out. 

Hawkfish are one of the boldest fish in the sea, they’re neon red, and look as bright as a flame. If you want to add a glowing fish to your tank, especially under blue lights, these fish are ideal. Although hawkfish make a flashy appearance, they are found at the bottom of the tank, as it’s the most suitable environment. 

These fish enjoy sitting on top of coral reefs and will swoop down to attack their food. They are fun to watch and great for families with children. 

4. Mandarin Fish 

You might be biting off a bit too much with a dragon, but mandarin fish are a great alternative. 

These fish are dragonets, and they look exactly how they sound-remarkable. Their scales are differing shades of light blue, with orange details on the fins and body. Aside from their intriguing appearance, they move around with purpose and try to strike fear among others, but they are harmless. 

If you invest in mandarin fish, you want to stick with shallow coral reefs and a lot of plants. Sponges and hideaways will also provide comfort to these fish when there are other types in the tank. 

5. Chromis 

There’s nothing more beautiful than chromis fish, but most people have never heard of them.

Chromis are smaller fish, but they come in beautiful shades of blue, green, and iridescent white. The color combination helps them blend in with the water, seaweed, corals, and fish. Chromis are memorable once you see them, however, because of their unique shade of apple green. 

These are a great addition to the aquarium with calm fish. They have a peaceful nature, so you don’t have to worry about them being aggressive towards others. This is an important factor since you don’t want your fish to attack each other. 

If you’re searching for low-maintenance fish, Chromis won’t overwhelm you. Many people add them to their homes to promote a comfortable and soothing environment. Since they are such friendly pets, you also don’t have to worry about mixing them with most other saltwater fish! 

6. Angelfish 

Angelfish are often recognized first since they spend their time gracefully swimming in the tank. 

These fish come from the Cichlidae family and they are great additions to large communities of fish. Whether you’re at the start of building your saltwater fish aquarium or want to finish filling it in, this is a great selection. 

There are several variations of the angelfish, so you can find one that calls to you. Coral Beauty, Flame, and Queen Angelfish are wonderful options. If you want to add unique patterns, the Emperor Angelfish has a “trippy” appearance because of its white, black, and yellow colors. 

Did you know that you can buy fish online? You can browse through the selections to discover which Angelfish are available! 

7. Triggerfish 

Another popular, bright-blue option is the triggerfish.

Triggerfish may look a little funky with rounded bodies and oversized faces, but they’re some of the most exciting fish. There are nearly 40 different species of triggerfish, so you can easily find one that connects to your personality. Many people fall in love with triggerfish and fill their aquariums with all of the diverse-colored variations. 

While many other saltwater fish are sensitive to their surroundings, triggerfish are durable. These fish can handle poor environmental conditions and rarely die from disease. As long as you take proper care of them and clean the tank, they can live for up to 13 years. 

Blue tangs, large puffer fish, and angelfish are excellent tank mates for triggerfish. To keep them safe, avoid mixing triggerfish with eels, sharks, or lionfish. 

Fill Your Aquarium with Colorful Saltwater Fish 

If you’re looking for colorful saltwater fish, you can find options all across the globe.

Fortunately, you can get fish brought to your home, instead of fishing for them in the sea. If you want to get a pet, but don’t want the responsibilities of a dog, fish are an intriguing alternative. You can build the aquarium of your dreams without having to decide which fish you want under pressure. 

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