CroxyProxy YouTube: Allow Access to Blocked or Banned YouTube and other Social media Platforms

CroxyProxy YouTube: Allow Access to Blocked or Banned YouTube and other Social media Platforms

Social media has played a vital role in the lives of modern men. He uses it to stay connected with his favourite people and to stay informed about the changing world by watching videos or other celebrity shows.

YouTube is also one of the biggest platforms on which users amuse themselves with the changing world. But, in some countries and on IDs, it cannot be run frequently for several reasons. In this way, people face difficulty accessing it and other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It is possible to overcome this issue with a third party, CroxyProxy YouTube. CroxyProxy YouTube has indirectly made using social media with a hidden identity possible.

In the respective article, an effort has been made to introduce you to CroxyProxy YouTube with various features. Stay with us till the end.

Why is CroxyProxy YouTube so-called?

CroxyProxy YouTube is an online web-based platform that acts as a bridge to access different social media forms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

CroxyProxy YouTube has played a vital role in this regard. It provides an easy way to watch videos and audio, read comments, etc. Its primary purpose is to serve people the most straightforward approach to blocked YouTube or Facebook. The path towards CroxyProxy YouTube is direct and doesn’t require any extra guidance to access.

Compatibility of CroxyProxy YouTube

CroxyProxy YouTube doesn’t need high-valued devices and browsers. It is compatible with a list of familiar browsers and devices. Below is a list of these browsers and devices to lessen your confusion.


  • Safari
  • Google
  • Chrome
  • Firefox


  • Computer
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones

Top features of CroxyProxy YouTube

Every new technique in the world comes with a lot of features. These features define a platform’s efficiency and how much it benefits its users. CroxyProxy also offers a lot of features to its users. Here, in the following, a glimpse of these features is given. Let’s explore all these one by one.

Free to access

CroxyProxy YouTube doesn’t ask for any paid service. The site is free to use. You should only have a reliable internet source to watch videos on social media apps like YouTube.

Support various social media platforms.

CroxyProxy YouTube is not designed to use only a single social media account. It allows access to various social media accounts like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. You can easily use it as a third-party platform to carry on watching in all the areas.

Support watching in all areas.

This site is specially designed to use YouTube or other social media apps banned in countries like China. It is an attractive advantage of CroxyProxy YouTube. Through this platform, you will be able to carry watching in sensitive and prohibited areas in the world. You can even use it in working areas and the school.

Prefer security

Privacy protection has been a top feature of any online service provider. CroxyProxy prefers your security protection. Your IP address will not be visible to anyone, and you can easily watch.

An easy access

CroxyProxy YouTube doesn’t require any extra guidance to be used. Its usage is effortless and straightforward. It would help if you knew how to use any browser.

Allow sharing of links.

Like a social media app, CroxyProxy YouTube allows you to share links to interesting videos or stream them to your friends. In this way, you can share watching with friends.

High-quality streaming

CroxyProxy YouTube gives high-quality streaming. These videos are of high quality, and you can select the quality according to your choice.

Don’t ask for any installation.

CroxyProxy YouTube is an online and web-based platform. Its usage doesn’t require an installation of the app. You will go to the website and then enter the link or address of the videos, and it will explore your desired content.

Allow compressing of content before sharing.

You might need help sharing videos due to their large size. CroxyProxy YouTube has eradicated this issue. Before sharing a video, you can compress the size of files for better sharing.

How to use CroxyProxy YouTube?

It is straightforward to use CroxyProxy YouTube. The steps are clear and can be carried without an extra aid. To make use of this platform, kindly follow the given steps.


Visit a reliable browser on your device. Here, you will enter CroxyProxy


After entering the web address, the browser will open it. Click on the first page.


After clicking a page, a search bar will open. You will be asked to enter your desire address or link here.


After entering the link, your favourite site will be open. Here, you can enjoy watching and can also move forward further.

Login criteria of CroxyProxy YouTube

If you are looking to log in to CroxyProxy YouTube, then, In the following, a short way of login is given. Kindly follow these steps wisely.

  • Visits CroxyProxy YouTube website through a browser
  • After opening, it will ask to give the necessary information. Put them wisely
  • Click on the join-up option
  • A verification link will be sent to your e-mail account
  • Now enter your username and password

Top Suggestions to Use CroxyProxy YouTube

While using CroxyProxy YouTube, one should make sure of the given suggestions to keep it secure.

·       Turn on the security setting.

For secure usage of CroxyProxy YouTube, go to settings in the browser and turn on all the security settings. This option will give an advantage of privacy.

·       Precise cached data and history

After using CroxyProxy, clear all the cached data and history of watching so that no one can access your watching account.

Possible Downsides of CroxyProxy YouTube

CroxyProxy YouTube is not compatible with some of the features. Let’s discuss the possible downside of CroxyProxy YouTube.

·       Absence of availability due to overloading:

You might face this issue due to overloading. As it is free of cost, various users approach it at a time. Due to significant traffic, you may need help accessing your desired content.

·       Difficulty in accessing various websites:

CroxyProxy YouTube may not pave your way towards different websites that you desire to access. So, you may need help accessing these websites.

·       Limited guidance:

Developer of the CroxyProxy YouTube are not readily available to their users. So, if you face a problem, it may be challenging to find its solution.

·       Don’t assure privacy:

CroxyProxy YouTube doesn’t guarantee a 100% privacy. You should keep in view this point in mind while using it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I download the desired content from CroxyProxy YouTube?

Yes, you can download all the content. However, there may be some acceptation for downloading.

Is it legal to use CroxyProxy YouTube?

It depends upon your activities. If you are using it for secure content, then it is legal. However, it may be illegal when you approach an insecure activity.

Can I use CroxyProxy YouTube free of cost?

It is up to the user to use it as a paid or free service. However, you can use it free of cost.

Bottom lines

that is all about CroxyProxy YouTube. It acts as a third man, taking you to YouTube or other social media accounts without installing these apps. It can be used free of cost or with paid services. It ensures secure usage by hiding the ID and username. You can even approach blocked YouTube and Facebook via CroxyProxy YouTube.

Dear viewers! If you have questions regarding CroxyProxy YouTube, our comment section is waiting.

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