Daily skincare regimen

Daily skincare regimen

We go to great lengths to achieve a beautiful and healthy complexion. From using dermal fillers and cosmetics to investing in pharmaceutical skincare products and enjoying rejuvenating massages – all these steps contribute to our confidence. However, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of high-quality cosmetics tailored to specific skin types and concerns. Not only do they safeguard our skin against harmful external factors such as sun exposure, extreme temperatures, and pollution, but they also help soothe irritation, restore skin health, and prevent the onset of skin diseases.

Facial Skincare: The Why and How

Our skin, the body’s largest organ, consists of millions of cells that renew themselves approximately every 28 days. Understanding this biological process alone should underscore the significance of maintaining healthy skin. Facial skincare should be an integral part of your daily routine, regardless of age or lifestyle. Make it a habit to commence and conclude your day with these essential facial care steps:


  • Toning
  • Moisturizing (in the morning) and nourishing (in the evening)
  • Remember These Key Principles for Facial Skincare

Choose a facial cleanser instead of regular soap or body cleansers. Choosing a brand such as Aqualyx will allow you to keep the beauty of your face and skin because your face deserves special attention, and special facial cleansers not only effectively remove makeup and impurities, but also enrich the skin with healthy and safe ingredients.

Hydration is essential! Even if you have oily skin, neglecting proper hydration can lead to excessive dryness. All skin types require moisture to remain healthy and vibrant.

Encourage skin renewal by using a scrub twice a week and incorporate targeted products (e.g., for blackheads, wrinkles) into your daily routine if you wish to address specific skin imperfections more effectively.

Identifying the Main Adversaries of Your Skin

Do you believe it’s premature to consider skincare due to age-related changes still being distant? We have news for you. The bad news: age is not the primary factor affecting skin health. The good news: you can now recognize the “culprits” and equip yourself with potent weapons against them.

Environmental Pollution:

Impact on the skin: Triggers the harmful effects of free radicals and clogs pores.
Protection: Prioritize cleansing, exfoliation, and facial cosmetics infused with antioxidants.

Solar Radiation:

Impact on the skin: Dries the skin and leads to premature signs of aging (e.g., wrinkles, pigmentation, loss of elasticity).
Protection: Opt for multipurpose products with built-in SPF factor.


Impact on the skin: Activates the damaging effects of free radicals and can contribute to acne.
Protection: Utilize facial cosmetics enriched with antioxidants and salicylic acid.

Blue Light (from gadgets, LED TVs, artificial lighting):

Impact on the skin: Penetrates deeper into the skin than ultraviolet A and B rays, promoting the production of free radicals.
Protection: Incorporate facial cosmetics with antioxidants into your routine.


Impact on the skin: Reduces collagen production, leads to decreased elasticity, and slows down the skin’s recovery process.
Protection: Consider using skincare products containing retinol and resveratrol.

Moisturizing: Your Skin’s Most Valuable Ally

Rinsing our face with water alone might seem sufficient, but is it truly enough? While the skin does absorb some water, the majority of its moisture comes from our internal reserves. When the skin becomes excessively dry, it doesn’t imply that our reserves have depleted; rather, it indicates a loss of the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Moisturizing masks, toners, and creams are specifically formulated to restore this vital balance.

How often should you perform this procedure to avoid harm? The previous belief that once a day is adequate has been debunked by practice. Instead, moisturizing should be done in response to your body’s needs, such as when you experience a sensation of tightness.

Choosing Cleansers and Toners of Superior Quality

Contrary to popular belief, washing with water alone does not suffice. Traditional soap is also unsuitable as it disrupts the skin’s slightly acidic pH balance, weakening its protective functions and stripping away the lipids that preserve its health. Consequently, dryness, premature wrinkles, and sensitivity may arise.

When selecting cleansing and toning products, consider the following:

Opt for products that act gently, contain natural ingredients, and avoid aggressive surfactants.
Ensure the products are suitable for your skin type and condition.
Avoid allergens, especially if you have sensitive skin.
Prioritizing self-care ensures both confidence and well-being. Do not underestimate the importance of daily skincare.


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