Emberify’s Top Ideas to Grow Your Business Using Instagram 

Emberify’s Top Ideas to Grow Your Business Using Instagram 

Knowing the tips to build your business using Instagram is vital if you are a business person. The following will help you with a few tips that will help you and your business grow using Instagram. 

Why Instagram?

Instagram might be famous for photography, travel, and food photos, but in recent times, the app has shifted to an entirely different phase. Every business, irrespective of the size in every sector, has felt the need for a more significant customer base. So they are putting in their efforts to buy Instagram likes for your posts to garner more global reach. So hence proved that mobile marketing is most crucial to growing your business online. 

If you are still on our point, then try the application immediately. The app was launched in 2010 and was purchased by Facebook lately. The app has billions of users and millions of active users. It is also said that 500+ million users regularly check into the app every day. Another important stat of Instagram is that 75+ percent of users have bought products after checking the app’s newsfeed. So it ensures that people are also looking for business on social media. The more your business grows online, the more you will reach the customers. 

How to Grow Your Business Using Instagram? 

The following are a few tips that will help you grow your business using the Instagram application. So let’s get this started! 

  1. Bio Optimization

Begin at the earlier. So do you have your Instagram bio optimized? Do you have an engaging description? Did you include a link that directs to your website? Have you been involved in using hashtags? If your response to ‘no’ to all of these questions means your biography is not optimized. Work on all the above to make your profile bio look highly alluring to the viewers. 

  1. Content Uniqueness

Since Instagram is a visual medium, keep your content eye-catching. There is no need for you to travel to other countries to post catchy images; all you have to do is make your regular content creation. High-quality images can be edited and curated accordingly to grab the audiences. There are a lot of editing apps that can help you to make your content look better. 

  1. Post Often

People choose to buy products from the business they trust. So only if you are consistent people will opt to trust you. The way you connect with your customers will happen only if you possess great consistency in posting. If you post content on random days, your brand will be less likely to get famous. It will never drive traffic. In that case, it is imperative to post often. You can also use Emberify to garner significant organic traffic in a short period. 

  1. Time for More Stories and Live

Stories and Live streaming are the best tools on Instagram that bring life to your content. Promoting quality content using the Story or Live feature will get you a better conversion than the other options. These features will also bring out the company’s personality. Also, using these features, you can make people poll, answer a few questions, etc. this is also the best space to connect with users. 

In the case of stories, they are displayed for 24hrs and later, you can highlight your stores so that they can be seen anytime after disappearing. 

  1. Include a Few Apt Hashtags

Hashtags are the signposts. They will direct your customers to your business page. Hashtags also present content and organize it accordingly for the users to identify their interests. Make sure to use hashtags relevant to your industry because only with the apt hashtags can you relate it to your sector. Always post your content with at least one hashtag included. The application will allow you to use up to 30 hashtags. Find the best hashtag and follow the below steps:

  • Add a clickable hashtag on your Instagram biography
  • Use hashtags based on the changing trends
  • Put hashtags in the comment section( perhaps keep it your first comment)
  • Leverage a few viral hashtags
  • Add stories with hashtags
  • Try your branded hashtag
  1. Keep Track of Your Stats and Analytics

Any work online and your efforts will only be helpful if you track its stats. You will know the performance only with proper tracking of your stats. So always make sure to crunch the numbers. Use the app’s analytics tool to keep track of your analytics. It will help you know the performance of every post individually. To know them, tap on the ‘view insights’ option under every post. It will help you understand how many people viewed your content, liked it, commented on it, etc. These detailings are essential if you are working on enhancing your performance. 

  1. Involve a Few Guest Posters

Having an industry professional on your side is very vital. You can let them take over your account to gain better excitement on your instagram profile. For example, imagine you bringing in a fitness freak and asking them to go on a live. People who are into fitness will love to see and engage with them. This will bring great reach to your account. 

  1. Stay More Attentive 

Do not just make an update and leave it just like that. Make sure it engages online. With engagement, you will know if your content is reaching more users. Go on Live, respond to people through comments, and talk to them in texts. This is something a lot of brands skip doing. Social media is a two-way path, so have a good follow-up on your followers’ content. 

Final Note

Instagram is an application that has more focus on changing trends. So keep up with the application to see the progress in your business. As a business person, you must know how a trend is changing. In that case, choosing Instagram is the best option to keep yourself loaded with knowledge. Having excellent access to a few dynamic applications like this is essential to build a good online strategy. Are you still confused? Don’t be! Instagram is always the right decision to make. 

Blogsfit Team