How Do I Create an Effective Business Name?

How Do I Create an Effective Business Name?

Most entrepreneurs know the challenge of naming their businesses. Innovative entrepreneurs take the time to develop a company name that conveys their message, represents their industry, and secures their future. With some planning and research, you can develop a great business name. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Is the Name Unique?

Your name must stand out from other businesses in the same or similar industry. Even with a long list of name ideas for your business, if the domain is already claimed, it will dilute your customer base. An online name generator, such as Namify, can give you a fresh perspective on name ideas.

Can Customers Pronounce It?

Make sure people can easily say your company name. Write your business name down and ask people to read the name out loud. You can even ask them what the name brings to mind to ensure you are sending a positive message. Many business owners use words in another language when naming their business. This can send a unique message about your company, but be sure to research the history and connotations of the word. Some business owners struggle when the name they select misrepresents the company.

Can They Spell the Name?

After finding a name that customers can pronounce, make sure they can spell your company name. It is easier to drive business to your website if you use common spelling. Using the numeral “4” instead of “for” or the word “U” in place of “You” can make it difficult for customers to find your business online.

How Does It Look?

Take a look at the name. The appearance of your business name will send its own set of messages to prospective customers. Use a word processor to see your name in different fonts. Make sure the name looks balanced and is easy to read. Consider your industry and product to determine the style you will use. A formal dress designer would lean toward a script font. However, a uniform cleaning service may choose a more utilitarian design.

Can It Help the Company Grow?

An online business name generator, such as Namify, can help you find a company name that is flexible enough to use as your business grows. Most new business owners focus their name on a limited product line. You most likely aspire to expand your business and grow your product offering. Limiting your company name based on your initial product offering means having to rebrand your business as you expand.

Are There Special Circumstances?

There are some naming guidelines you must follow based on your business structure. Businesses that establish themselves as an LLC or C-corp must use specific designations in their company name. In addition, you may be restricted from using specific words or phrases based on the type of company. Check with your secretary of state to ensure there are no other requirements for your business name.

A strong company name is the face of your business. It is important to invest the time and energy into finding an ideal business name.

David John