How to Compare Costs to Get Cheap Car Shipping Services

How to Compare Costs to Get Cheap Car Shipping Services

Looking to transport your car from one state to the other? Perhaps, you want to ship it to another country. Whatever the case, when you need to transport your car, you most likely will need to hire an auto shipping company for the job.

Hiring a reliable service is important for most people hiring this service, but the only thing some people often look out for is getting this service at a good price. This is quite understandable because everybody loves a good bargain; you can read this article to find out why we love a bargain. But finding a good car shipping deal is not always that easy.

Sometimes, hiring the cheapest company equals skimping on quality or worse getting swindled. Luckily, you can always get a good deal from a reputable company that will offer a great service regardless. Below, we will discuss how you can compare car shipping costs to get a cheap service without giving up quality and a good experience.

Know the Factors that Influence Shipping Costs

The first thing you need to do even before you start comparing quotes is figure out and understand the factors that companies use in determining shipping costs. There are several determining factors, but distance is perhaps the most important. Longer distances often cost more.

Other determining factors include vehicle model and size, shipping method (whether enclosed or open), time of the year, insurance coverage, and so on. When you know and understand the various factors that influence shipping costs, you can easily make the right choice when comparing prices. This is because you can easily ask for the quote to be broken down according to these factors to make the comparison easier.

Get Quotes from Multiple Companies

For you to get the best price, you can’t choose the first service you find; you need to shop around and find out what 3 to 5 companies offer. Shopping around is important to help you get an idea of standard prices in this market. When getting quotes, ensure that you provide correct information to help the company offer an accurate quote.

Some of the information you’ll have to provide includes your car type and model, pick-up/delivery locations, and delivery timelines. You’ll also need to select the shipping method you want. Remember to compare the quotes based on the different factors mentioned in the point above.

Properly evaluate the quotes to be sure there aren’t any hidden charges. If not, you may think you’ve found the cheapest car shipping service only to be surprised by hidden fees later. Hidden fees to look out for include storage fees and surcharges.

Also, evaluate the reputation and reliability of the business alongside the price being offered. Thankfully, getting shipping quotes is relatively easy as some companies even offer potential clients quotes online. Apart from the price and reputation of the company, also look out for additional services like tracking services, insurance coverage, door-to-door delivery, and so on.

Get Quotes from Multiple Companies

Evaluate Service Quality Alongside the Price

If you use cost as the only yardstick to select a company, you may end up regretting your choice. To get a cheap service without skimping on quality, pay attention to even the most minute detail. There are so many things that can be used to evaluate the quality of the service you’ll get from a company. These include track record, reputation, customer service, safety record, experience, and so on.

Ask questions to find out the company’s process and the equipment they’ll use for the job. These are important factors that will influence the overall experience you’ll get from the company. To gauge the company’s reputation, read testimonials and reviews from past clients.

It’s better to check 3rd review sites like Better Business Bureau to get unbiased reviews and ratings of the company. When checking the reviews, take your time to check out patterns and repetitive complaints or praises. This way, you can learn more about the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

It is okay for a company to have some negative feedback as it isn’t possible to please every single customer. However, the negative reviews should not outweigh the positive ones. Also, notice how the company responds to complaints as this will give you an idea of their customer service.

Bonus Point: Negotiate for Special Offers and Discounts

Before you decide on a company, sit with a representative and negotiate better terms. When negotiating, ensure you confidently make your request. You can visit to learn some negotiation techniques. While you need to be confident with your request, you also need to be polite and professional.

Negotiate on additional services like insurance or ask for a lower price in exchange for flexible pickup/delivery dates. If the business isn’t willing to compromise, do not be scared to take your business elsewhere. You can also use quotes from other companies to negotiate a better deal.


Finding the best service at a good price is very essential to ensure the entire process of shipping your car goes as smoothly as possible. When you know the offer multiple companies are offering, you can easily evaluate their offer alongside the quality of the service to make the best choice. You can also negotiate with the service provider to get the best deal.

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