Powder Coating: The No-BS Guide to Doing It Right

Powder Coating: The No-BS Guide to Doing It Right

Alright, listen up folks, if you’re gonna dive into the wild world of powder coating, here’s the real deal from someone who’s been knee-deep in this stuff:

  1. Training is Freakin’ Essential: Look, not everyone gives a damn about powder coating quality. Custom shops? Sure, they need top-notch coaters. But some places? They couldn’t care less, thinking it’s just a side gig. But trust me, getting your hands dirty with the tools and machines you use daily makes a world of difference. Plus, knowing your shit about the whole process can save your ass when chatting with those crafty suppliers.
  2. Clean Your Damn Parts: If you want your coating to stick and last, you’ve gotta clean up your act. I’ve seen too many good parts ruined by lazy prep. Use whatever the hell you need—chemicals, blasting, fairy dust—but make sure your parts are squeaky clean. And for Pete’s sake, keep your workspace clean too, unless you want dust and crap messing up your finish.
  3. Consistency Isn’t Just for Soup: You gotta do the same thing, the same way, every damn time. Write down your steps if you have to. Hell, we’ve got a beer-stained notebook full of procedures. The more you stick to the plan, the less crap you’ll produce.
  4. Check, Double-Check, and Then Check Again: Don’t skimp on quality checks. Inspect everything—from the raw stuff to the final shiny piece. A little effort up front saves a ton of headaches (and angry customers) later.
  5. Don’t Cheap Out on Gear: The market’s flooded with knock-off junk that looks good but will let you down. Trust me, I’ve been burned before. Spend a bit more on the good stuff. It’s like buying boots—pay more now or pay twice later.

In a nutshell, powder coating isn’t rocket science, but it ain’t a walk in the park either. Keep your head on straight, don’t cut corners, and for the love of all things holy, put in the damn effort. The results (and your paycheck) will thank you. Here’s one site I follow, and another.


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