QuickBooks Desktop vs. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Desktop vs. QuickBooks Online

Are you looking for the finest accounting software for your business? Intuits offers some of the best accounting software with powerful features for businesses of every size and structure. Two of their best accounting software are QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, both of which are operated by small businesses. Knowing which software to use for your business is important. This is why in this article; we will take a quick look into the features and functions that make them special and help you with the right information in selecting the best accounting software for your business.

Cloud-Based vs. Locally Hosted

The first essential distinguishing feature between QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online is how these software applications run and are hosted. QuickBooks Online runs a cloud-based solution that also comes with a mobile app. On the other hand, QuickBooks Desktop runs locally on your computer or laptop and even has access to several cloud-based features. Also, the users can work on multiple files at the same time and from any location on their Microsoft Windows 10 Virtual Desktop with just an internet connection.


Let’s not forget that Intuit stays a global brand for its accounting solutions. Both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online do not have a shortage of this as each software comes fully loaded with a diverse range of accounting functions and features. You gain access to accurate account charts, journal entries, bank reconciliation, etc. You can get access to every available report needed to run your business.

Industry Specification

When it comes to industry-specific software, QuickBooks Desktop accomplishes the job. The software comes with diverse versions specifically built to meet different industries. This is fantastic news if you want accounting services and structures tailored to your specific business type. QuickBooks Online offers more of a general and all-inclusive software key for businesses.

Ease of Use

Both software applications are comparatively easy to understand and use. QuickBooks Desktop is considerably older, as such, it is pretty simple how the software and interface are designed. At the same time, QuickBooks Online has a complex interface. Due to its complex accounting and robust features, multiple organizations that are already using QBO are opting to QuickBooks Online to Desktop conversion service to meet their complex accounting needs.


In comparing QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, affordability plays an essential role in making a choice. QuickBooks Desktop offers a yearly payment plan or licensing fee to operate the software. There are various versions of the desktop software, and each comes with different plans. This authorizes you to select a plan that best suits your business at whatever financial spectrum you may be on. QuickBooks Online offers a monthly subscription payment method to access the software online. Intuit has recently declared an increase to their QuickBooks Online Program. This price growth may prove to be an issue for certain businesses.

In Conclusion

It’s important to note here that both software applications provide excellent features focusing on better delivery and more efficient accounting service. QuickBooks Desktop has been around much longer than most accounting software and possesses many more powerful features for more complex accounting work as compared to QuickBooks Online. Apps4Rent is the best QuickBooks Desktop Hosting provider, and it delivers services for thousands of clients. They also have expertise in numerous migration services like Office 365 Cloud to Cloud Migration into business processes. They work with businesses from various industries and these organizations range from big to small-sized businesses across the United States.

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