The Bong Industry in America

The Bong Industry in America

The online weed trade that started on the dark web from the now gone website, Silk Road, continued for many years before the government found out who was behind it all. Before that, in the 19th century, the bong industry started flourishing when the cultivation of the marijuana crop started in the country in America. The glass industry also had a significant breakthrough with glass water pipes. Adding water filtration to pipes was the beginning of something new. Now they are made in so many different shapes and colors. But it wasn’t till the glass bong renaissance in the 20th century that the industry culminated in blossoming into what you see today.

How the Bong Industry Grew in America

Today, thousands of head shops, both brick and mortar, and online, sell water bongs as consumption has increased by the stoners since legalization. After America legalized weed, so many new and different types of companies emerged, expanding the overall business throughout the country and exporting it to various other countries.

Colorado was the first state to legalize weed for recreational use. Things went so well in CO that other states quickly followed suit. Some of the oldest pot shops are currently located in Colorado. Now that it’s a well-known fact that pot is less hazardous than booze and alcohol, which is legal in many countries, the stoners of this country continued to legalize more and more states the government to relax the marijuana laws.

With the legalization of pot in Colorado, the bong industry started growing. Today, more than 20 states in America allow water pipes for medical purposes. Uruguay has also recently legalized marijuana, and Washington is currently working its way and will soon join the list of states that have allowed it. Most Americans believe that marijuana should be legalized, taxed, and regulated throughout the country.

Popular Brands and Companies situated in America

Due to the relaxed policies, the bong industry is highly saturated within America and has contributed to the expansion and a revolutionary change in production. Today, many famous companies make flower pipes more accessible to people, and these companies are the reason behind the enormous revenue being generated each year. These companies include Liberty 503, Chameleon Glass, HVY Glass, C2 Custom Creations, Blowfish Glass, Glow fly Glass, ZOB Glass, and many more.

Liberty 503

Liberty 503 was founded by Paul and Buddha in 2003. They have successfully globalized and have high demand across the globe. They focus on making artistry and detailed pipes, dab rigs, and bongs.

Chameleon Glass

Chameleon Glass is another popular business that provides cheap American-made glass water pipes and American-made bongs crafted by their skilled workforce. The flower pipes are annealed in the most delicate glass kilns to ensure they do not break and are strong enough to withstand the pressure and heat. With various options to choose from and the will to satisfy their customers, they are one of the largest growing brands.

HVY Glass

Another brand for bongs is HVY glass. They aim to make affordable water bongs with a wide range of variety so that it is available to all. HVY uses only high-quality German and American borosilicate thick glass so that it is easier to grip and can withstand maximum use and abuse.

C2 Custom Creations

C2 Custom Creations started in 1994 in Southern California, but it wasn’t till 2006 that the owner, Mike and his father, decided to sell under their business title. They only use German Schott tubing and Schott or Lenze’s joints to make their bongs and their high-quality products stand out in the market.

Blowfish Glass

Blowfish Glass focuses on giving an artistic and abstract look to its products. They display the beauty and complexity of contemporary glass within their bongs and pipes. In Hertford, Blowfish Glass has an entire art gallery displaying its masterpieces. It is trendy amongst the community that admires art as well as marijuana.

Glow fly Glass

Glow fly Glass entered the bong industry in 2007. It is a home-grown small-sized American glass company focusing on the local market of Arizona. They focus on classic designs with a modern twist. They also participated in the first trade show in 2007.

ZOB Glass

Another famous brand for bongs is ZOB Glass. Their main products include glass pipes, bongs, and heady custom pieces. Various sizes and colors allow customization of products to deliver precisely what the customer demands.

Impact of the Bong Industry

Many other companies and brands contribute to the expansion of the bong industry. With small home-based and large industrial-sized companies, America is one of the countries producing an enormous amount of water pipes with innovation and designs. These companies have contributed to the construction and withholding of an industry that was once hidden and could only be purchased illegally. But with reinforcement of the drug laws within America, the entire game and business shifted. America has played a significant role in introducing this industry to such a high level.

In 2013, the US head shops alone generated a revenue of 10 billion dollars. It has become a significant part of America’s economy. With daily sales and purchases, this industry continues to cause enormous income. It has become the source of income for many individuals, thus contributing to the employment rate.

Today, America has an excellent production rate of tiny bongs, and it exports a variety of such products around the globe. As the citizens are still pressing and protesting to further relax the laws regarding the intake of drugs such as pot, there is an excellent chance that this industry will further expand. The American policies were a game-changer for the bong industry and production.

David John