Things You Need to Know – Backlink Building for SEO

Things You Need to Know – Backlink Building for SEO


The practice of building one-way link or hyperlink to any website with the purpose of improving search engine visibility is known as link building. Content marketing, email outreach, broken link building, building useful tools, and public relations are included in the strategies of backlink. 

Link building is the process for marketers and SEO professionals for acquiring links to their content. The links any person uses for SEO purposes should be high-quality, natural and helpful. The link must be relevant to the topic of your topic with well-organized anchor text. 

In this guide of Globex Outreach high-quality backlinks, you will find so many tips on how to use link building for SEO and how to improve your backlink building skills. 

Internal Links:

Being a SEO expert you should know the importance of backlink but do you have any idea why internal links are so important? Internal links work like a hyperlink between two pages on the same website. People usually use the word “domain” for internal linking instead of “website” but it sounds a little precarious due to subdomains. The website which has several subdomains then the links between them will be considered as “internal”. 

Both Search engines and users use links to go from one content to another. Links work like a navigational keyword from which you can find the content you want, else, search engines also need a link in order to navigate your site. Search engines cannot see your page if there is no link availability there. Moreover, every homepage of a website has significant links value because it has many backlinks. Google also divides the link value between all links on the web page. The best strategy every SEO person should have known is, make sure google understands these factors by adding accurate internal link: 

  • Relevancy of pages
  • Relation between pages
  • Value of page

Local Citations for Business

An established business is all about gaining trust of customers. Local citations can help you to gain this trust from your customers and get more visibility of your business in local SEO results. It refers to any mention of your brand/company/organization online. Local citations could be in a business directory, a blog/article or any website. Local citations will help you to rank your content in local search results. 

Link Building from Trusted Sites

In a world full of spam sites, Google decided to only show the trusted sites within their search results page. One of the most important steps for SEO is to build backlinks from trusted sites because it provides you with the site’s authority and elevation to the top spot of search ranking. When a website has a link from a trusted site, it shows the search engine that they are an authority to subject. 


Infographics are an integral part of SEO because it can enhance the SEO efforts. Researchers say that content containing visual data, charts and statistics can generate 94% more views than others.

Types of Infographics

There are 7 types for infographics can help the user to generate maximum views such as:

  • Anatomy
  • Maps
  • Comparisons
  • Timelines
  • Visualization of Data

How to Generate Infographics for Your Content?

Do proper research of your topic and then pinpoint your target audience. Try to create a compelling narrative for the audience and make a wireframe. Avoid using 4 to 5 colors and different fonts in the content. The whole description must be related to the infographics present in the content. Lastly, create your infographic and then publish it online. Share your content with people to get more views because people enjoy viewing or reading containing infographics. 

Link Building With Social Sharing sSites

Social sharing sites means where users can edit, add or share content on different social bookmarking sites in order to get high quality backlinks. The content must be evergreen for earning backlinks, because the most evergreen content will earn more links that can be shared over and over again. Another approach is to get engaged with the social media bloggers and influencers in your niche. If they feel connected with your brand/company, they can start promoting your brand/company. Engaging with influencers will not only help you to get more eyes on your business, but influencers will also use your links on their social media platform. 

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is the easiest way to attract the traffic on the website or blog and make a relationship with the viewers and readers. Any person can viral out his blog or content by doing blog commenting, expressing his thoughts, sharing ideas, and experiences with other people as well. Sometimes, commenting leads to conversation which can build a relationship in-between user and author. 

As an author make sure whatever you post and wherever you post your content, the post should make sense. There must be some conclusion from that post. The comments you post can be either in positive connotation or negative connotation. Author should know how to take stand for their words. 

Tip: create a list of websites from where you can get an idea about your niche in a form of article, blog, or news.

Dos and Don’ts for Guest Posting

Here are some dos and don’ts for guest posting such as:

  • Do build your interaction/connection first with the influencers you want to do work with. 
  • Do write some posts for the host’s audience
  • Do create ways to link the content from influencers and bloggers in your niche.
  • Do invest time in your byline.
  • Do find new ways to promote your post
  • Do check the comments regularly
  • Do not just work with the people you already know
  • Do not depend on the script that sounds fake.
  • Do not create links that are not relevant
  • Do not forget the target audience in SEO


Every link earning approach will give you the best result if a proper link building strategy is applied to it. Always take care of the steps and techniques that are mentioned above. The success is only dependent upon the high quality, relevancy, and period.

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