Top Popular Sustainable Clothing Brands in Europe

Top Popular Sustainable Clothing Brands in Europe

There are many ways to be sustainable! Some of us choose vegan products, others use plant-based tanning methods for their leather goods. There’s also upcycling unwanted fabrics and supporting black owned businesses – you can start with fair wages if you want too (and it usually starts there).

We believe that the way a brand is sustainable largely depends on its supply chain. The more attention they pay to environmental, social and ethical issues in their manufacturing process-the better for everyone!

For this reason we have compiled some of today’s most innovative sustainable brands into one handy list so you can find out which ones are worth investing your money into—or just getting started with if it’s only been recently introduced by them too.

We know that sustainability can be a tough topic, so we’ve made it easy for you! Simply visit our website: or go straight to one of these brands’ sites and find out all about their approach.

Moose Knuckles 

In 1921, a young man from tiny Prince Edward Island set out on his own to create the world’s finest winter wear. It took him 50 years of hard work and dedication but eventually he made it happen – Moose Knuckles Canada was born in 2009 with all-natural insulation that is lighter than air so you can be sure your body will stay warm even when conditions are at their worst. 

In those early days, there were many challenges, not only coats for men or women; back then we had cars worth less than $500! And our customers? They came mostly because they wanted some luxury items such as handbags while others bought clothes primarily intended.

Johnstons of Elgin

Johnstons of Elgin is one step closer to global recognition for their fine cashmere clothing, luxury home accessories and fabrics. The company won the Queen’s Award For Enterprise for Sustainable Development in 2021!

The Johnstons of Elgin is a company that never loses sight of its values, and this award was no exception. The way they preserve grassland in Mongolia while sourcing cashmere from there makes for an environmentally sound practice not only beneficial to people living there but also benefits us here at home with our luxurious textiles!

Dirk Bikkembergs

The founder of this brand was one the “Antwerp Six”, a group who graduated from Antwert’s famed Royal Academy for Art. Dirk Bikkembergs created collections that were provocative and innovative with his aesthetic on modern man.

In the world of fashion, few have been as innovative and influential in their field as Dirk Bikkembergs. He was one-of-a kind when it comes to Sport Style Fusion philosophy which he helped create strong connections with football stadiums around Europe by presenting shows at Milan’s San Siro stadium during its opening ceremonies for hosting Italian league games or Barcelona’s Camp Nou venue after Spain won La Liga twice under his direction while also designing formalwear outfits worn both privately owned teams like Malaga Football Club (Spain)and publicly funded ones such as Slovenian National Team jersey design.

Aeronautica Militare

The Aeronautica Militare clothing is designed to suit every occasion, with comfortable and original garments.

The company offers a comprehensive wardrobe for men or women that caters both formal wear as well more casual styles; they provide suits which can be worn at any time of day in addition to elegant dresses perfect if you’re looking out some fun evening adventures!

The Aeronautica Militare is an exclusive Italian military aviation clothing brand that offers t-shirts, polos and other apparel. It also provides hints for matching outfits to complete your own personal style with their signature trims such as coats of arms or emblems worn every day by pilots themselves for authenticity!


Blauer is an American company that finds inspiration in the urban environment and traditions behind uniform clothing. 

The main values they promote are high quality production, solid materials used for their designs. As well as a unique interpretation on iconic styles like bikers jackets or windbreakers which have been transformed into modern fashion must-haves items through creative design features such as color blocking with bold print patterns against darker shades often associated with the outdoorsy feeling this kind leather provides protection but also allows your skin to breathe easily so you stay cool no matter what season it may be!

If you’re looking for sustainable clothing brands, look no further than Beige & Brown. We’ve curated a selection of the best eco-friendly fashion brands from around the world and brought them all under one roof. From stylish everyday wear to elegant evening gowns, we have something for everyone and every occasion. And because our focus is on sustainability, you can shop with confidence knowing that your purchase will help reduce environmental impact. Follow our advice on how to buy sustainable clothes and make informed choices when selecting your wardrobe staples – it’s easier than you think!

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