Top 5 Free Web Hosting sites for 2021

Top 5 Free Web Hosting sites for 2021

With the sound of the word free, everyone gives their attention to the thing. There can be many ways you can find free things but is it always worth it? A question that everyone keeps asking us on our platform. Top 5 Free Web Hosting sites

The truth is that free may not always be worthy but there are always free services and features that benefit a user. Anyone who is just starting and cannot afford to invest a lot in web hosting will always seek free web hosting sites. 

In this search, you might end up with something which was not right for starting out with your project. This is why you must check the VPS Black Friday Deals. It is something that can bring benefits to your project and also won’t cost you anything so that there are no losses for you in it. Top 5 Free Web Hosting sites.

If you opt for a proper SSL plugin as well as appropriate redirects and secure your site with a superior recovery plugin, you will indeed have room to make the most of your site.


Infinity free

For anyone looking for the best free web hosting service, they have to check out the infinity free web hosting company. They are like a champion in the reign of free web hosting services. You would be amazed at the number of users and hits it has. Some of you might be confused about how such a fantastic service is entirely free. Well, there is no hidden or additional cost. They prefer transparency for their users. 


  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Email accounts
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited domain hosting


If you are looking for a web hosting service that won’t cost you anything but provides you great features. You cannot find everything in free web hosting because it comes with its own set of disadvantages. You may like to consider that HyperHP has much more to offer than many other hosting services. It has made launching to be the simplest task. You get access to the installer which has an automatic script. Do not forget about the free domain. 


  • Support
  • Forums
  • SQL database
  • Disk space of one GB


While being a successful free web hosting service Wix does not fail us even in the matter of website building. Being a website builder they lack no feature for being a web hosting company as well. It remains on the top list of many users who prefer the free hosting service. There can be limitations to their free plan obviously. It is not a surprise. But there are enough that could help a newbie. 


  • 24/7 support
  • Drag and drop website building
  • Website building
  • Wix ads
  • One site
  • Assigned Wix domain
  • 500 MB bandwidth


If we are talking about the free web hosting services it is impossible to not mention the name of Byethost. It has remained one of the achievers. With its features like automatic SSL, and eMail accounts. But there are certain times when the unlimited has its limitations and don’t feel limitless. 


  • Free templates
  • Free website builder
  • Domain registration
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No ads
  • Support
  • 5 email accounts
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited sites


If you want a web hosting service that has some of the greatest features for being a free web hosting service then you have the right option in Infront of you. A web hosting service that offers free service and cPanel. This is not the story of every free service. It doesn’t stop here you can get many more things than that. Starting from eMail accounts to 1 GB data it has a lot more to offer for a newbie. A little discomfort could be the backup service. 


  • SSL certificate for free
  • 100 GB traffic
  • 2 SQL database
  • 2 FTP account


The reason for which web hosting services offer free services

You might be aware that free words come with their own set of limitations. You have to take it seriously that the services might not always be free. It can be a bait to gather more and more users who trust their services. 

Some of the times you may notice downtime in your website because you are using a free web hosting service. The free service can be prevailed by anyone so they have some of the drawbacks which must be considered by you before you go for the free web hosting service. 


There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. So it is evident that there has to be some free web hosting service as well. Try out their service or at least read all the reviews before making decisions. It is not possible to experience the services from all the web hosting companies. The above list will help you in heading towards your destination of finding a free web hosting service. 

Not everything is perfect. This is the exact story of a free web hosting service. They may offer many free services but there sure are many limitations. If you want to check some web hosting at a lower price then check the hosting black friday discount. You can enjoy some basic features but that might not include the essentials. Do check every requirement first and then make the decision. 

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