Why Should Your Website Be Built On WordPress?

Why Should Your Website Be Built On WordPress?

Many of the websites that we see every day are built on WordPress. Actually, WordPress is the most common choice for developers all around the world.

However, plenty of people don’t know the exact reason for choosing WordPress.

Before you go on and find the best New York web design agency for creating your website or e-commerce store, consider some of the following reasons to use the WordPress platform.

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The reach is enormous

As most developers know, WordPress is becoming more and more popular every day. Many websites you see online are built on this platform. Some might argue that WordPress is primarily a blogging platform, but this is not the only upside of using it.

WordPress started as the blogging platform, but it developed fast to become the best platform for multiple-use complex websites. Its complexity is only one part of the story.

WordPress is the basis for creating unique websites and services on your own, without knowing the specific coding language other platforms require.

WordPress is quite easy to use and navigate, and it is one of the top reasons many people around the world are using this platform today.

More importantly, the reach of WordPress is enormous – research shows that almost 60 percent of all websites are created using the WordPress platform.

WordPress is easy to use

One of the most common reasons why the WordPress platform is so popular is the ease of access.  Working on this platform doesn’t require knowledge of complicated code languages – it only takes the domain and hosting services.

WordPress offers easy-to-understand steps and guidelines that help with navigating through the website you are planning to create. After acquiring the hosting and domain option, you’ll be able to register your account and work on this platform and create your website.

WordPress is cheap yet reliable

When comparing it to other accessible platforms out there, WordPress is one of the most affordable options. Additionally, paying for your hosting and domain is quite affordable.

This process may take up to 15 minutes of your free time with your credit card on hand. As soon as you register, you can install the WordPress application and start working on creating your website.

The maintenance of this platform, as well as the security options, will be a part of the package you get after registering to WordPress.

WordPress offers more than one option with suggestions for creating your website. Also, it is known for great customer support – developers are working around the clock to help every customer that isn’t so skilled with creating a website.

When it comes to more complicated tasks and plugin installation options, their professionals are available to help. In addition, the security measures WordPress offers are unique and quite reliable.

With quality customer support and the safety measures in place, it’s easy to understand why WordPress is considered the best (and safest) choice for creating your website.

WordPress offers numerous plugins

This platform offers numerous plugins available for customized use. Users around the globe have hundreds of plugins for various purposes to make their websites unique.

WordPress offers plugins for easy-to-use actions like:

  • Creating your online store. By using a few easy-to-access plugins, you can create your online store within a few hours. The only thing you need to do is fill out the forms and install additional options on your online store. Compared to other platforms, WordPress is probably the easiest and most affordable way to turn your website into an online store.
  • Creating all-in-one SEO content. In case you wish to push your website and stay visible on the market, you will need to use SEO optimization. WordPress platform offers SEO plugins everyone can use without any difficulty. This is one of the reasons why WordPress is becoming the most viable option for users all around the world when it comes to creating websites with unique features and easy maintenance.
  • Using themes. On WordPress, you can change the way your website looks in just a few clicks. While experimenting with different themes, you’ll have an option to get a preview and see how the changes will look like. The easy-to-use themes are one of the best reasons to use WordPress if you are a beginner.

WordPress is multilingual and easy to navigate

The WordPress platform wouldn’t be so popular unless it was accessible to people all around the world.

WordPress is currently available in 169 languages. That is more than enough for everyone to get familiar with the process of creating a website and adding different plugins this platform offers.

Besides the platform itself, various plugins WordPress offers can be installed in multiple languages.

WordPress is perfect for creating SEO content

Reaching good ratings on search engines is getting more difficult every week. With so many competitive websites, it’s not easy to create SEO content that will help rank.

Some research has shown that websites built on WordPress rank higher for their keywords than others. This can be explained by the constant updates and use of various SEO-related plugins.

So, if you are looking for the best way to reach the first page on Google’s results page, creating your website on WordPress can be a good idea.

WordPress offers options to grow and prosper

Before WordPress, creating a website required coding languages and programming skills. Nowadays, learning how to create a website is easier than ever.

If you want to use WordPress for this purpose, you’ll find numerous instructional videos and articles and find all the instructions needed. You can either look for instruction videos online or pay for an easy guide for creating your website using the WordPress platform.

WordPress is more than accessible to beginners and people who wish to create their websites without professional code knowledge.  This is why this platform can be a money-saver for people who need a simple website.

WordPress will save a lot of money and time since you won’t need help from a professional web developer.

WordPress professionals created this platform to allow people to create interactive and customizable websites on their own. Plenty of books like “WordPress for beginners” or “Intro to WordPress” are there to help you understand how the platform works.

On the official WordPress website, you can find easy-to-read guides for learning how to create your website with ease. The process of creating a website has never been easier. You can choose both visual and technical features of your online presence.


After comparing WordPress with other platforms, it’s easy to see why it’s people’s favorite choice.

Working with WordPress is easy, affordable, and practical. Whether you are opening an online store or just need to create an appealing online presence, this platform can save you a lot of time.

Furthermore, in case you need to create a website without professional assistance, WordPress can be the most efficient solution.


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