What Can You Do With a Mannequin Head?

What Can You Do With a Mannequin Head?

Mannequin heads are found in many establishments and serve many different purposes. They’re primarily used to display clothing but have also been used to display wigs, jewelry, or sunglasses at one time or another. Whether you need to purchase mannequin heads for your establishment or you want to find other uses for them around your home, read on to learn more about mannequin heads and their uses.

What is Mannequin Head?

Many people might think that mannequin heads are used for displaying jewelry and sunglasses, but they can actually be used for a lot more than that. The mannequin head is designed with features of a human head including hair, facial expression, teeth, and more. A mannequin head has many characteristics similar to that of an actual human being such as eyes and nose. Though it is only used for display purposes, some artists will even paint them in order to make them look realistic. There are many different types of mannequins in stores today since there is an increasing demand for them in almost every industry you can think of.


Use as a Hair Dresser’s Model

Hairdressers can display different types of wigs on mannequin heads to give customers an idea of what they’ll look like. This can help customers make decisions, particularly when they’re unsure if they want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a wig. In some cases, mannequin heads that are designed with features like long hair, short hair, and curly hair can be used for braiding lessons or classes. Since these mannequins feature realistic human features and accessories, it will be easier for hairdressers to teach new techniques to students. For example, since wigs have weight to them in order to stay firmly in place on your head, some braid styles might not work with certain kinds of hairpieces.

Use in a Jewelry Display

If you’re looking to open up your own jewelry shop, mannequin heads can be an effective way to display individual pieces of jewelry. The smooth surface of mannequin heads allows for easy mounting of items, and their shape means you can show off as many as five pieces in one head. This is a great way to exhibit your most popular or expensive pieces without taking up too much space.

Use in an Eyewear Display

Eyewear is one of those accessories you never really think about until you need it. Many department stores use mannequin heads to display eyeglasses so that shoppers can try on sunglasses and see how they look. Department stores also use them to hold glasses with decorative hair accessories and other headwear, such as hats. If you’re looking for an easy way to display your new line of women’s designer sunglasses, consider using a mannequin head.

Other Uses

As an artist’s model. What are you, artistic? Have you got what it takes to pose in front of a camera and make it look easy? As mannequins go, these heads are relatively inexpensive, and they can serve as an effective photography prop. The only thing that might throw you off is when your arm is not positioned where your head actually is. If that happens more than once or twice, though, maybe photographing isn’t for you.


Most of us are familiar with mannequins, but do you know what they’re used for? The answer is simple – to display clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. But have you ever thought about using them for something else besides clothing? Many people have found many ways to use these mannequins. Some popular uses include displaying headdresses, sunglasses, and other types of jewelry. Here are some examples of how people have used them around their homes In addition to displaying jewelry, mannequin heads can also be used as bookends or decorations in your home office. They can be placed on top of bookshelves or even on top of an entertainment center. If you want a more interesting look in your home office, consider placing one next to your computer monitor instead of just having pictures up on your wall. A mannequin head will give off an interesting look that not everyone has in their home office area. It’s a great conversation piece too!

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