What Makes Yoga a Wholesome Career Path?

What Makes Yoga a Wholesome Career Path?

Sydney is one of the busiest cities in Australia, with over 5.3 million population among whom over 125,000 form the labour force. The shifts from office to work-from-home and back to the office and increasing unemployment has exponentially increased the stress among Sydneysiders. The past few years have seen a rise in the number of people practising yoga, every day or every other day. Research shows that Australians practice yoga as a form of therapy, spiritual practice, physical health and a lifestyle through the guidance from individuals who have been certified with yoga teacher training in Sydney. It has increased the demand for fitness and yoga instructors in the city.

Transitioning From a Practitioner to a Teacher

Many individuals who have been practising yoga for years might naturally wonder what the next step is in their yoga journey. Teaching yoga is one of the most satisfying and wholesome practices one can opt for as professional teachers can learn the philosophy behind the yogic practice, train their own body and mind, practice alongside other yogis, help stressed-out individuals by spreading the wisdom on yoga. The transition from a yoga student to an instructor can take anywhere from a few months to a year for those who take yoga teacher training in Sydney. Once they begin feeling confident as teachers, they experience multiple benefits and changes in their lives.

Enhances Personal and Professional Practice

One of the primary benefits of teaching yoga is it enhances the individual’s practice over time. The ethics of being a yoga teacher encourages them to practice it every day and improve themselves simultaneously. They additionally must-read books, articles and case studies to keep themselves informed about the world of yoga and its effects. Teaching enhances the energy level, health, self-awareness, fitness, concentration, and focus of the instructors and encourages them to achieve feats that they thought were impossible before.

The Excitement of an Unusual Career Path

It is common to find bankers, doctors, engineers, accountants, managers and politicians earning big and making their living through conventional jobs round the clock. But something is satisfying about choosing a career that not just matches one’s passion but meets the soul. As yoga teachers, individuals have the freedom to conduct classes on their own time, terms and ethics. They can connect with their clients spiritually and aid them in their holistic transformation.

High Demand and Attractive Pay Scale

The Healthcare and Social Assistance in Sydney generate revenue worth over a hundred thousand dollars every year. Owning to the increased mental health issues in Sydney, where 46% of adults experience it during their lifetime, healthcare units such as yoga centres and trainers are in high demand in the city. Over 3,892 yoga practitioners are health conscious and practice asanas and vinyasas (postures), pranayama (relaxed breathing), meditation and instructional techniques to stay calm, fit and healthy. Yoga teachers, therefore, get paid handsomely with an average salary of over 50.77 AUD per hour. Experience, skill and diversity in instruction aid them with their financial growth.

Opportunity to Travel the World

Who does not wish to travel the world, meet people from different walks of life, learn about their journeys and take back the wisdom from those places and interactions? Yoga teaching provides instructors with an opportunity to witness numerous cultures and the beauty in their traditions. Through retreats and yoga teacher training in Sydney and other parts of the world, individuals can step out of their comfort zone and experience the ultimate human connection, warmth, happiness, inspiration and satisfaction.

David John