Why Is Proxy Use Increasingly Popular?

Why Is Proxy Use Increasingly Popular?

Many of us have witnessed cybercrime on the internet. The sad truth is that more and more people fall victim to cyberattacks daily. The internet can be scary, yet we have gotten so used to using it daily that we cannot live without it.

Moreover, many businesses have transferred their work online, putting their sensitive data in danger. How can you protect yourself from these silent attacks? Is there a tool that can keep you safe while surfing the internet? The answer to your safety concerns is a US proxy.

Let’s see what proxies are and why they are so popular nowadays.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is a tool that stands between you and the dangers of the internet. When you are searching the web, you are assigned to a specific location on the internet, called an IP address. These addresses “store” all your data, which third parties can access if you don’t add an extra layer of protection.

US proxies will successfully hide your IP address by making requests on the internet for you. Your IP address won’t be revealed to the sites you visit, automatically implying that no one will steal your data. A proxy will act as an intermediary between you and other internet sources. You can learn more about proxies in a blog post.

Proxy popularity

In the past, proxies’ purpose was solely to defend your data from potential thieves. There were a few additional benefits, such as enabling multiple machines to connect to the same internet connection, but the primary purpose of a proxy was to protect your information.

However, proxies continued getting constant upgrades, and their popularity also grew. Nowadays, proxy servers have multiple purposes besides the safety ones. You can control your online activity, access content unavailable in your location, and more.

Proxies have been popular from the day they were created, but the true glory of US proxies was revealed once the upgrading process started. Who knows, maybe we will get even more benefits in the future.

Proxy use cases

Proxies are popular tools to keep you and your devices safe while searching the web. They can be beneficial for both personal and business use. Let’s explore some examples of the most common proxy use cases below.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an ongoing process of optimizing a website and helping it rank high in search engines. It can be valuable when promoting products and services or making your website stand out. Proxies play a significant role here since you can use them to scrape the web without limitation.

Web scraping implies getting details and information about your competitors. For example, you can see what audience they attract, what their most viewed pages are, etc. Therefore, you can optimize your site and get more visitors than others.

You must remember that you may get a block if you do a web scrape from one IP address; that is where proxies come to the rescue. They mask your IP address, and some can assign you a new one for every HTTP request.

Proxies and ads

A proxy might help you with your marketing if you are a business owner. It will collect data from your previous online advertisements and analyze it for you. You will be able to see what attracts people and what drives them away.

Another thing that makes proxies great is that they can detect fraudulent behavior, such as fraudulent ads and fake traffic. These two are the first indicators that a cyberattack may occur.

Moreover, a US proxy server will stop all suspicious behavior and notify you about it. That is essential for both personal and business use of the internet.

Benefits of proxies

As you may already know, there are many benefits to using a proxy. Here are some of the best advantages of proxy servers:

  • Information safety and anonymity;
  • Access to content unavailable in your country;
  • Control of your internet activity (vital for parents and businesses);
  • Improved internet performance and speed;
  • Cache cleaning.

Each of these is equally important in keeping your data safe. It is safe to say that a proxy is a tool that works wonders for you and your data.


Proxies have always been an excellent way to protect yourself and your data from any possible dangers on the internet. As the proxy industry grew, the benefits also expanded. Now, you can use a proxy to access unavailable content, track internet activity, etc.

With all of these benefits comes the growth in popularity. Proxies have proven to us why they are the best tools you can use as a safety measure. Every internet user should consider using a proxy server because dangers lurk everywhere on the internet.

David John