6 Things to Consider When Buying a Shower Screen

6 Things to Consider When Buying a Shower Screen

If you want to renovate your bathroom, you have stumbled onto the right place. Nowadays, Australians think it is the right move from shower curtains to installing a shower screen. This practical and sophisticated design will keep splashes from the shower.

Shower screens can make your bathroom appear bigger and airier. Moreover, shower screens in Newcastle have all possible options for you to select if you wish to enhance the beauty of your Australian bay bathroom. And with over 69,020 dwellings in the area, many are opting to renovate their bathrooms.

Before that, here are a few mindful factors before you get your hands on your desired shower screen.

1.     Budget

The first thing to consider while selecting a shower screen is your budget. Usually, shower screens are not too expensive, and you can go as far as calling them affordable. However, the price range for shower screens varies from place to place. Besides, a quality compromise is never an option.

2.     Bathroom Size

The next step after determining your budget is looking into the size of your bathroom. Measure your bathroom’s shower space and adjoining area. Meanwhile, a frameless shower screen will be ideal if yours is a small bathroom with limited shower space.

Tip: Opt for shower screens with clear glass. It can help make your bathroom appear spacious when light passes through it.

So, if you are free from the problem of space restriction, you can opt for either semi-frameless or even frameless screens. The next decision to make is regarding the shape of shower screens. You can select between bi-folding, sliding, and pivoted doors depending on the bathroom size.

3.     Superior-Quality Glass

It is important to select a glass that meets Australia’s safety standards and the AS2208 safety standards. A high-quality glass is essential because:

  1. Nobody wants accidents in the bathroom.
  2. Poor-quality glass can be hazardous for children.
  3. Replacing broken glass can be a very costly process.

4.     Length of the Glass

After measuring the bathroom space, you need to consider the screen length and ensure that the shower screen is high enough. While showering, it prevents the water from reaching outside of the shower area.

Tip: The shower screen should be at least 5 inches longer than the tallest person using the bathroom.

5.     Low Maintenance

While shopping for a shower screen, ensure that the glass is easy to clean. Maintaining clear glass is more accessible than maintaining frosted glass. Also, cleaning frameless glass is easier than cleaning the semi-framed and framed glass.

6.     Call Experts for Installing

The most obvious and only way to install a shower screen is to call experienced professionals. Installation is a slow process and needs a lot of skill to be done perfectly. Moreover, these experts can also assist you in selecting the perfect shower screen for your purpose.

Cleaning Shower Screens

The best and quickest thing you could do is give your shower screen an instant wipe down after all showers. Use a glass cleaning agent to provide it with a hint of sparkle. Alternately, you could also use a special microfiber cloth for the best cleaning results.

Another option is to use an anti-calcium surface. It is essentially a transparent layer on the glass, and it helps control water spots that are a result of limescale deposits.

Selecting a suitable shower screen out of multiple options can be very challenging. However, shower screens in Newcastle have a wide variety of options, and you also get assistance while shopping for them. So, keep these factors in mind while shopping to make the process smoother for you.

David John