A Guide for Buying Massage Gun

A Guide for Buying Massage Gun

Soreness and stiffness can happen due to working out, sitting on a chair for a long time, or other reasons. And the best way to get relief from it is by having a good massager, which can take away the pain. Meanwhile, with about 1.7 million individuals regularly hitting the gym in Australia, this is something important for the people in the country.

Regular massages are costly and time-consuming. So, on days when you feel like having a quick relief without stepping out or spending time on long massages, massage guns are the best. But, before investing your money, you should know a few things about buying a massage gun in Australia. And the article will brief you on what benefits you have and why it’s needed.

How Is a Massage Gun Different From Handheld Massagers?

You will find several massagers available in the market, which is handheld. These aren’t convenient to use and aren’t powerful enough for a deeper massage. Meanwhile, a massage gun, also called a percussive massager, has a more powerful motor that can relieve muscle deeply.

It helps relieve muscle tissue tension and pain and has a range of motion. The vibration provided by the massage gun increases the blood flow in the painful areas. And the blood flow increase releases all the acids for muscle recovery and pain relief.

Some Unique Features of a Massage Gun

Massage guns are unique as you can always pinpoint them in the exact area of pain and tension. You can control the pressure of it and adjust according to your need. Moreover, you can always check reviews before buying a massage gun, as Australia has seen a reasonable demand. And below are some of the critical features of a massage gun which you should look for before buying.

Speed setting: As muscles can’t withstand the same pressure everywhere, you need to have a massager which has the setting to change the speed according to the muscle type. As such, using a massage gun makes it easier to adjust the speed and power.

Ergonomics: A massage gun should be easy to use in terms of its reach. You should be able to reach different parts of your body without too much flexibility.

Customisable: A massage gun with multiple detachable heads can give you the option of having the correct pressure and technique for each part of your body.

Portable: You should look for a massage gun that is easily portable if you travel or are on the move often. Also, a lightweight massage gun can be a good option for portability.

How Should You Use a Massage Gun?

Mainly massage guns are used to relieve muscle tension, but it’s commonly used before or after a workout. While you warm up, a massage gun helps in reducing soreness and stiffness. And you can use it a day before to activate your muscles.

It would be best if you used a massage gun in those areas of your body that are tight and stiff. You can start by slowly moving the gun over the muscle and gradually adding pressure. Also, remember not to use the gun aggressively, or else it can damage your muscles.

Don’t use the gun on the bony areas as it’s meant for muscles and can harm bones if used that way. Besides, if you have a prior injury, take a recommendation from the therapist before using the massage gun.

With so many benefits, you should consider buying a massage gun in Australia as it has shown a good response in pain relief. Meanwhile, you can consult your therapist for a suitable way of massaging if you have any specific requirements.

David John