8 Vital Rules That Will Strengthen Your Relationship

8 Vital Rules That Will Strengthen Your Relationship

All relationships are unique. This uniqueness is the reason for the initial excitement when the relationship is still new. However, it wears out over time and people start drifting apart because they feel the “spark” is gone. In many cases, this happens because the couple did not build their relationship on the right foundation and did not actively do things that help strengthen their relationships. Here are some of the best relationship rules to follow as a couple to enhance the relationship and stay together even when things change.

Be Friends

One of the most important rules in a relationship is to be friends first. An underlying friendship means you will treat your partner with the care, kindness, appreciation, and respect that you show towards your close friends and even family members.

An underlying friendship also gives you something to fall back on when things get tough, and it feels like you can no longer love your partner. The underlying foundation will help remind you why you are with them in the first place, and the underlying friendship can be the basis on which the relationship thrives.

Respect Each Other

Another important foundation and rule for strong relationships is mutual respect. Mutual respect is the basis of strong and healthy relationships. Every person in a relationship should endeavor to respect their partner at all times and in ways that elicit love and honor them.

Treating each other with respect can be difficult at times, especially during times of disagreement where you are angry with each other. You might shout, insult, intimidate or use derogatory words when you are in a heightened state of negative emotion, and this is never healthy.

It is important to remember what brought you together in the first place and to always remember to treat your partner how you want to be treated, regardless of how you may be feeling. Doing so can be difficult, and this is why this is something you have to actively learn to do as your relationship progresses.

Talk Through Things without Being Hurtful

Every partner has something they do not like about their partner. It may be something small that you can overlook. However, in some cases, it may be something significant enough that it starts affecting you negatively.

You may want to talk to your partner about it so you can find a solution together. One trap that couples fall into is talking about these things with their partner in a way that makes them feel as if they are being criticized and attacked.

All discussions about such issues, criticism or not, should be positive and constructive. The conversation should be anchored on discussing the issues, finding what is causing them and then finding a solution that works for both of you.

Small things like snoring can be irritating without the unaffected partner not realizing it. Although they are not doing it deliberately, it can impact your quality of sleep, making you cranky due to lack of sleep. If your partner’s snoring keeps you up, start by talking to them about it, find the underlying issue without being confrontational, and find solutions that work. This way, the issue is eliminated without anyone feeling criticized or hurt.

Love without Conditions and Ultimatums

To some extent, relationships are conditional. Each partner expects the other to do their part, and this is where certain conditions come in. However, the love you share between the two of you should not be conditional.

You should love and be willing to do everything you can for your partner without conditions or ultimatums. For example, you cannot say that you will only love your partner if they make more money than you or say you will buy them a gift if they do certain things for you.

Conditional love turns materialistic over time, and when these materials are unavailable, the relationship can become stressful for both partners. Such strain can lead to a breakdown in the relationship.

Understand When They Want to Be Alone

Everyone wants to be desired. This is why some people feel uneasy when their partner wants to spend some time alone. They feel as if their partner no longer wants to spend time with them, or that their love is fading.

This is not necessarily true because a lot of people want some time alone from time to time even when they are in healthy relationships. Trusting that if they need you, they will ask for help or want to talk to you is an important part of giving your partner the time and space they need.

It is also an opportunity to be self-reliant and to learn the difference between when your partner is withdrawing and when they genuinely want some time alone.

Make Your Relationship a Priority

Life happens and this causes partners to start drifting apart. Work, children, school, family obligations, and other issues can make couples prioritize other things over their relationship.

Relationships are hard work and should be worked on like you work on anything else. Making your relationship a priority means investing time and effort into making it better. You also learn to be a better partner and to show your partner to be too for the sake of your relationship’s strength.

Get Physical

Physical intimacy is an integral part of any healthy relationship. It is easy to put intimacy aside when you have busy lives or children running around the house. It will take a conscious effort for both partners to turn the heat up, and your relationship will be much better.

Set life aside and spend some being intimate time with your partner. Let sex happen naturally, without pressure from either partner. Additionally, do not let excuses stop you from being intimate with your partner.

Learn to Listen

Active listening helps you better understand your partner, and it makes them feel understood, respected, and appreciated. It helps both partners know which thoughts, ideas, and feelings are important to the other so they can know how to navigate them.

Following these rules can help you strengthen your relationship and help it go the distance. Talking to older couples who have been together for a long time can also help you understand what is important and what both of you need to do to ensure a successful relationship.

Dani Khan