Buyer’s Guide: 5 New Oris Watches to Check Out

Buyer’s Guide: 5 New Oris Watches to Check Out

Watches aren’t only a fashion trend — they are essential items that could either make or break everyday life. For people whose lives greatly depend on time, efficiency, and accuracy, a watch must be attached to their wrists. But choosing what timepiece to buy on your next purchase could sometimes be confusing and time-consuming. But don’t worry, we got you!

We have listed some valuable tips and guides on identifying what to get as your next watch. To improve your style, we have collated a list of high-quality, sophisticated, and simple-yet-classy watches. Topping this list is the Oris Roberto Clemente watch alongside other new Oris offerings: Oris Aquis Red Dial, Oris Rectangular, Oris Big Crown Automatic Gray Dial, and Oris Okavango. Oris has created these pieces to enhance your style and efficiency.

1.Oris Roberto Clemente Watch

Oris Roberto Clemente watch is a Swiss brand whose details go beyond the usual aesthetics. Oris has created its new wristwatch, especially for men, with its case built with stainless steel to assure users of a long-lasting and top-notch product. Having fastened with a light brown leather band and protected by a round-shaped case, Oris Roberto Clemente provides quality worthy of the price.

Roberto Clemente comes in a white dial with a solid back and has the standard Arabic numeral indexes. With a price tag of $1,534.00, a white-colored Oris Roberto Clemente is one of the best men’s watches on the market, and it can compete well with our gentlemen’s more widely known watch brands, like Rolex and Patek Philippe.

2. Oris Aquis Automatic Red Dial

Oris Aquis Automatic Red Dial is not your typical men’s watch. With its most obvious– feature–its cherry-like, red-colored dial—Aquis is a luxury watch with an analog clock that comes with an index. Oris has also created it with a stainless steel strap. Oris Aquis’ previous versions were a hit, making this new edition a sure sellout for men looking for both sophistication and naturalness in a watch.

Oris Aquis Automatic Red Dial can be yours at $1,960.00—a handsome price tag for a luxurious watch product that lives up to the hype.

3. Oris Rectangular Automatic Green Dial

Wristwatches for men come in various forms— in color, feature, or, in this case, shape. Oris Rectangular Automatic Green Dial may not be a conventional watch a man would look for, but this specific model is worth the try. With a rectangular case made of stainless steel, scratch-resistant sapphire, and a leather strap, buyers are assured of a high-quality product that goes well with its green dial.

Oris Rectangular speaks innovation. Although a timepiece in a rectangular shape is no stranger to the watch community, this new offering is still tipped to change the game, and it can be your following collection at only $1,544.00. It comes with both Arabic numeral and index and a transparent case back.

4. Oris Big Crown Automatic Gray Dial

For men who like to keep it simple and clean, the Oris Big Crown Automatic Gray Dial is the watch for you. With a gray-colored dial and black leather strap, this Swiss-made product can be used on different occasions such as formal events, casual wear, business formal, or even active outings, as it’s tailored with flexibility.

Oris Big Crown Automatic Gray Dial comes in a stainless steel case with a transparent back to see the movement from the inside. It also comes with brown leather packaging to make sure it is delivered to you with care.

5. Oris Okavango

Oris Okavango was manufactured with inspiration from the grasses of the Okavango Delta, which is found in the vast river in Northern Botswana, one of the largest inland deltas in the world–hence the green fabric strap fastened in the watch. Okavango is a new and innovative timepiece, offering new-look details and top-caliber features suitable for all kinds of men.

Just like the four watches mentioned above, Oris Okavango comes in stainless steel, round case with a solid back. Okavango is a limited edition product of the Swiss brand, and at $1,702.00, it can give color to your daily life.

Final Thoughts

Luxury watches are great pieces of investment, and securing one from a well-renowned, international brand makes it a fantastic opportunity for resale value. Oris has been around the market since 1904, manufacturing and innovating watches, timeless and timely to keep up with the trends. The five watches above prove that your money can go a long way, especially with a timepiece brand that delivers on its promises. 

We appreciate you very much for sticking until the end, and we hope this guide will help you decide which Oris luxury you deserve to wear. If you want to check out more Oris watches and other timepieces from renowned houses, you may visit Thanks for reading!

Dani Khan