A Butterfly Necklace for Every Occasion

A Butterfly Necklace for Every Occasion

A butterfly necklace, or any necklace with a butterfly pendant, makes an excellent gift for both men and women. They are worn as a way to celebrate new chapters in our lives, such as finishing college or graduating from high school. Butterfly necklaces can also be given as gifts to mark other life events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and births of children. Additionally, butterfly jewelry has become increasingly popular for weddings; brides often use these necklaces as something blue during the ceremony and then wear them afterward during the reception.

Basic Birthstone Butterfly

Birthstones have been used in jewelry making since ancient times and have often been used as a way to show what month of birth a person is born. If you know someone who was born in either March, April, May, or August, they’re probably sporting one of these birthstone butterfly necklaces! But even if your loved one wasn’t born during those months, they’re still sure to adore a birthstone butterfly.

Deluxe Birthstone Butterfly

The Deluxe Birthstone Butterfly is perfect for anyone born in March, or to honor any loved one who has a birthday in March. At 22 inches long and boasting an impressive five-inch wingspan, it’s no wonder that butterflies have long been used as symbols of transformation. The beautiful birthstone butterfly pendant was handcrafted using genuine gemstones that capture your own unique characteristics and virtues in their vibrant hues.

Halloween Butterfly

This is usually a large butterfly made of black, red, and orange beads that can have dangling pieces or hanging tassels. It’s worn as a symbol of transformation and new beginnings. Valentine’s Day Butterfly: These are generally small butterflies made of soft pink, white and red beads with heart-shaped pendants. They are given on Valentine’s Day to show affection and appreciation.

Winter Holiday Butterfly

The Christmas butterfly is also known as a snowflake pendant or snowflake necklace, and it typically has a blue background with white snowflakes on it. They are made out of enamel and are painted on glass that has been set in sterling silver. Their shape is different than most butterfly necklaces, making them perfect for someone who likes to be different.

Valentine’s Day Heart Butterfly

While you’re out hunting down that perfect gift to give your valentine, don’t forget to pick up something for yourself! A Valentine’s Day heart butterfly pendant will be a great accessory for you and your sweetheart on that special day of romance. The necklace represents love and commitment, so it is definitely something you can wear over and over again.

Tropical Island Butterfly

Find yourself on a tropical island? The Tropical Island butterfly is just what you need to add a bright splash of color. Whether you’re staying in a secluded bungalow or exploring your paradise, our tropical butterfly necklace makes for a perfect travel companion. Grab it with you on your next trip to Mexico or any other sunny destination and wear it proudly to show off your natural beauty.

Spring Flower Butterfly

If you are looking to buy a butterfly necklace as a gift, it is customary to give one as a symbol of new beginnings. The springtime butterfly signifies renewal and rebirth, so it is often given to friends who have been through hard times or worn by those who want to encourage their own future success. This can be an especially meaningful gift if your friend has just graduated from college or lost a loved one.


A butterfly necklace is a great gift to give any time of year. It symbolizes change and moving forward, so it can be worn to mark a major transition in someone’s life or to mark some other special occasion. You don’t need a special reason to give your favorite person in your life an elegant piece of jewelry. After all, who doesn’t like pretty things? A butterfly necklace might just be what you’re looking for!

David John