Proven Ways to Attract Top Marketing Talent

Proven Ways to Attract Top Marketing Talent

Marketing is crucial for running a business and ensuring it remains profitable. Competition is increasing, so you need marketers to keep revenue coming in. It also presents a challenge because all other businesses know this and are actively looking to hire top marketers or retain the ones they already have. So, what can you do to attract top marketing talent in such a competitive environment?

Simplify the Interview Process

The interview process is essential for attracting top talent, but it is also vital for ensuring they sign on the dotted line. Many people at the top of their professions do not like their time being wasted, and a lengthy interview process can seem like a waste of time for them.

Even if they go through the interview process, they may not be open to joining your team if they have to wait two weeks to join after going through numerous interview processes.

Try to ensure the best talent remains interested, schedule calls within 48 hours of each other, and complete the process in seven to 14 business days. Swift and prompt interview processes show you are eager for the talent to join their team and that you value them coming to you over them going to a competitor.

Engage on Social Media

Social media is an essential tool for employer branding, and it can also be an essential tool for attracting the right talent. When people hear you have an opening, the first place they will look is online to find out about your business. If you are engaged on social media, those looking will find a lot of positive information about you, understand the business better, and even be open to coming in for an interview. In addition, marketers are very active on social media, and you could even message some of them to tell them about the opening you have.

Offer Amazing Benefits

The power of great benefits for employees has been lost by some because it is expected now. Employees expect to see benefits like dental and medical insurance, vacation days, and maternity and paternity leave in their compensation packages. Offering these benefits does not help you stand out because every other business offers them. Businesses have to think beyond the obvious to give their employees benefits that would be hard to get elsewhere. When looking for marketing talent, workmans comp might not seem like an obvious benefit, but it is unique and vital.

Employees can become ill while on the job, and beyond the standard medical insurance, you can give and do a lot more for them by offering employee benefits that cover them when they get ill. Taking out workmans comp insurance will make it easy to offer these benefits. Workmans comp insurance can also protect you from liability if an employee or their family brings a lawsuit.

Hiring the right marketing talent can have a massive positive effect on your business. Because you do not want them going to your competitors, you should make both attracting, interviewing, and retaining these talents as easy and effective as possible.

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