How To Utilize User Data To Increase Customer Purchases

How To Utilize User Data To Increase Customer Purchases


Without a question, the digital transformation has infiltrated many facets of our life. Recent data suggests that the internet is currently used by 4.5 billion people throughout the globe, with the typical person spending more than six hours every day online. E-commerce is also on the upswing, with sales expected to increase by 30% by 2020 as a result of the pandemic. As a result, more businesses are going online. At the same time, data is rising at an exponential rate due to the transition toward online platforms. A valuable data trail is left whenever a user reads an email, watches a video, signs into social media, browses the internet, or purchases items online. 

With that being said, you’ll need to know how you’ll be able to use the data to your benefit. In general, this data contains important business knowledge that may assist e-businesses and online stores in better understanding their customer base, segmenting audiences, personalizing communications, predicting future actions, and optimizing user experiences. In this article, we’ll give you some clever methods to leverage data to influence and enhance purchase intent to keep you at the top of your game.

Use Timely Reminders To Entice Cart Abandoners

Checkout cart abandonment is a major issue in online shopping, with an 88% abandonment rate. Shoppers abandon carts for a variety of reasons, ranging from exorbitant shipping fees to forced sign-ups and interruptions, all of which can be mitigated by making the checkout experience as simple as can be. Remarketing is yet another excellent approach to combat cart abandonment and enhances buyer intent. Use AI-powered automated marketing software to send a polite nudge to cart abandoners who put in products to their checkout carts during the previous hour. To avoid inconvenience, keep in mind to omit people who have concluded their purchases in the recent day.

In addition, you can also utilize machine learning technology to evaluate consumer behavior and patterns in order to determine the optimal moment to target notifications to specific users, ensuring that you contact them at the most likely time for them to return to purchase from your business. You’ll be able to attain better levels of engagement as a result. You can check out this article by monetha if you want to know more about purchase frequency. 

Send Real-Time Action-Based Trigger Emails

Even in 2022, emails will continue to be a valuable marketing mechanism. Each consumer has unique interests and is at a different phase of the buying process — hence delivering broad, non-specific emails to all simply doesn’t work. Utilize intent data, commonly referred to as behavioral data, to identify and address potential consumers based on particular activities that occur on your page in actual time to increase your email marketing success and drive them to buy a product. You should tailor trigger emails to mention a user’s interest to enhance purchase intent by studying these behaviors.

For instance, if a user explored your online footwear store’s spring collection, you could send a trigger email with a shopping guide showcasing only pieces from that collection and a coupon code. Another example would be to ask users who have registered for your shop’s membership about what they want and emphasize the benefits of the membership, like free shipping.
Send Real-Time Action-Based Trigger Emails

Use Exit-Intent Pop-ups To Keep Wanderers On Your Site

The more time an individual spends on your website, the greater the chances that they will be converted and make a purchase. Exit-intent mechanisms can discern when a user is likely to depart your website without making a purchase by recording and analyzing their mouse movements on the webpage. Sliding closer to the back button, long moments of idling, or swiftly scrolling to the top of the site are examples of these activities. When such movements are detected, exit-intent technology sends a pop-up notification to the viewer, encouraging them to continue on the site with a tempting offer, promotional messages, or other content. These are particularly powerful since they engage consumers who are already in the mood to spend.

Use Personalised Coupons to Persuade Reluctant Customers

Promotional marketing is an excellent method to attract customers to buy. According to research, 54% of shoppers have impulsively bought as a result of a voucher. Nonetheless, you must reach the correct individuals to develop a successful and profitable promotional marketing campaign.

You can use machine learning technology to evaluate client data on their on-site activity, such as how they click, scroll, and browse, to detect these reluctant users. This will provide you with a precise picture of the intention to buy, allowing you to approach the exact individuals who are likely to react upon receiving a coupon with a follow-through purchase.

Use advanced recommendation technology to boost engagement

Visitors are more willing to spend on that identify, recall, and give them appropriate discounts and advice. Personalization is not restricted to demography-related and market segmentation guidance anymore, thanks to breakthroughs in machine learning.

In order to make effective suggestions, you may employ machine learning recommendation technology to examine and evaluate available user profile attributes and product data. This product data includes the selection of product information that the user viewed, such as product descriptions, names, detailed characteristics, categories, and photos, to determine that a user wants a three-tiered metal shelf in matte black. You might propose comparable goods in your shop or related things like a vase or candles that complement their style based on that data. With more data acquired throughout, the recommendations will be more tailored.

Targeting Window Shoppers With Nurture Initiatives

There are a variety of reasons why window shoppers might not intend to make a purchase. They may not be ready, still researching information about an item, or just be unsure of what they are looking for. Nurture initiatives are a great approach to attract window shoppers and convert them into (possible) consumers. You can analyze external data, like what sites they visit and what they browse on other sites, to create the ideal campaigns. These will entice them by establishing trust and making them more interested in the products, which will hopefully convert them into paying customers. 



Some analysts estimate an astounding 463 exabytes of data will be created every day around the world by 2025. Furthermore, it has been found that cutting-edge data innovators can boost their gross earnings by 12.5%. So, let’s be smart and use this data to our benefit. 

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