Top 6 Advantages To Having QR Code Packaging

Top 6 Advantages To Having QR Code Packaging

A QR code offers significant opportunities to expand your marketing and reduce product waste. If you’re looking for a way to shake up your marketing strategy or choose an eco-friendly solution, check out these top six QR code food packaging advantages.

1. Connecting Consumers

Digital printing technology has come a long way, but it can’t put a video on the side of your package. A QR code makes it easy to deliver personalized, mutli-media content directly to your consumers. Offer humorous videos describing your product or send a discount code for further purchases.

This interactive, flexible method of communicating with your customers allows you to connect in a totally new way. Here are just a few types of information you can link with your QR code to connect with your future customers:

  • Discount
  • Nutritional information
  • Promotional video
  • Survey

2. Brand Loyalty

Don’t just stop at one QR code for all your products. Create unique codes on snack packaging and other custom packaging options to promote brand loyalty. Use QR codes to craft personalized messages that promote brand loyalty in an iconic way.

3. Promoting Transparency

Does your label accurately describe the ingredients? How about the full story of your sourcing techniques? All that information could crowd your packaging, but is easy to include with a QR code. Create a video or detailed article explaining the journey of your sourced ingredients for greater transparency. Your audience deserves to know where items come from and what you’re doing to give back to your community.

4. Creating Flexible Content

A misprinted or seasonal label can force you to recall or discount items to keep them moving off the shelves. Instead of worrying about printing errors or selling uniquely labeled packages in the right season, use QR codes for personalized packaging.

You can still edit the URL connected to your QR code after the code is printed on your packaging. Alter the promotion, edit the seasonal video or correct a mistake in your article without paying for new packaging for an entire run of products.

5. Expanding Information Possibilities

You may not be able to fit a novel on your package or stream video content across the label, but you can use a QR code to pass along this type of information. Invite your customers to check out images, text and videos related to your product that doesn’t conveniently fit on the package itself. A small QR code is an excellent way to expand the amount of information your product can deliver.

6. Engaging Packaging for Children

Child resistant mylar bags can still be child friendly. You may not want a child to open the package, but you can still connect child-friendly content to your products with a QR code. Create memorable videos or link to existing content from a partner to educate, entertain or inspire children with your packaging.

Improve Your Packaging Design With QR Code Technology

Explore other benefits of QR code printing on flexible packaging. Take the next step in the future of customer-centric, eco-friendly packaging with a leading packaging manufacturer.

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