How to Solve WiFi Authentication Problem (100% working methods)

How to Solve WiFi Authentication Problem (100% working methods)

A WiFi Authentication Problem is faced by almost every WiFi user. We are going help to you with this article on How to solve the WiFi Authentication problem. Here is we discussed the common methods to Fix the WiFi Authentication errors. I am personally using Unlock Jazz 4G device and it also sometimes gives an error of WiFi Authentication. You have to see everyone tell us about Methods to Solve the WiFi Authentication Problems but we discussed Simple and common methods. Which Can be easily used by every person.

Fix WiFi Authentication Problem

A common issue of WiFi Authentication problem that can be Happen with any WiFi user. There are a lot of reasons behind the WiFi Authentication issue. Must you should know every fixes of WiFi Authentication error. If you don’t know about the fixes of WiFi Authentication problems, Don’t worry We have listed in the below Simple and common methods to solve WiFi Authentication problem.

You have just follow these methods to solve the WiFi Authentication problem

Reset Your Network Settings

  • First of all, Go into the setting of your device
  • Then tap on Backup and Reset Sect Reset Setting Option, wait until the process
  • Option
  • Now click on Network Reset Option
  • Finally, After Network Reset settings are completed connect the WiFi network again
Reset Your Network Settings
image via Android (Reset Your Network Settings)

Turn ON/OFF Airplane mode

  • If you Still faced Authentication problems after Reset Network settings
  • Turn ON Airplane mode for few seconds
  • Then turn off Airplane mode, And again connect your WiFi connection
Turn ON OFF Airplane mode
image via Android (Turn ON OFF Airplane mode)

Reset WiFi Connection

  • Firstly, go into the settings option of your device
  • Now Click on the WiFi option
  • Then tap on your connected WiFi connection
  • Now click on the Forgot Network Option from the menu
  • After all processes, again try to connect your network
Reset Wifi Connection
image via Android (Reset Wifi Connection)

Check Number of Connected Devices

Some routers allow only a specific number of devices to connect. After that maximum limit, another device will not connect. So please check the maximum numbers of Supported devices by WiFi into the Router settings. Then increase the limit for connected devices and save settings.

Check Number of Connected Devices
image via All WiFi routers App (Check Number of Connected Devices)

Final Thoughts

I hope this article going to help you with the issue of the WiFi Authentication problem. You can easily Solve WiFi Authentication errors within minutes by Using these common methods given in above. These methods are secure and easy to Use on Any android device.

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