How to earn money free

How to earn money free

I think 90% of people must search for how to earn money free. Google advises you to visit multiple sites and blogging platforms but, here we got the jist for you. To earn money, the only option is not employment. Earning is easy at sites offering task walls, surveys, and other related options. You will find multiple sites that offer different ways to make some easy money.

Some websites only offer surveys and give you points to redeem for cash or gift cards. You should know that not all the sites let you redeem points for cash. Many of them only allow redeeming points for gift cards. Gift cards on these platforms include Amazon gift cards, play store gift cards, and some others. In this article, let’s talk generally about different methods of earning money.

  1. Filling Survey to make extra cash

Survey filling is much fashioned among the crazy individuals who are behind money. Filling a survey is easy but finding a survey is difficult. Try inputting correct data on the platforms. It helps you to only get notifications about surveys that are looking for participants with the same demographics as yours. Some platforms integrate 3rd party survey platforms and make you earn money. In these cases, your earned points are credited to the main platform instead of the 3rd party program.

  1. Pay to click earning

More than any other platform, this is the most tried method of earning free money. People think it is the easiest way and hence try every other website offering this method. People got scammed multiple times but, still, they try every website. Rarely do you get paid for such activities? There still exist some platforms offering legit money. These platforms include nearly old introduced or some of the new as well. These sites also allow you to advertise your websites or youtube videos. In this case, your earned points are used to cut your advertisement costs.

  1. Taskwalls

An interesting feature of websites offering free money is the availability of taskwalls. Taskwalls will integrate different 3rd party platforms for the users. Offers vary per platform, i.e. some offers installing applications on iOS devices or Androids, while some offers ask you to register on platforms and avail of their premium features. Taskwalls may also contain platforms asking to watch YouTube videos.

  1. Referral Systems

Nearly all kinds of earning sites offer referral rewards. Some offer exciting rewards, and some bids are not attractive. Some affiliate programs give you bonuses when someone registers using your referral link, while some only reward you when they withdraw earnings. Many platforms promise to pay 50% of the referral earnings or 40% or 30% of the total referral earnings. Referral bonuses decrease per level. If you get 50% of level 1, then for Level 2 referrals, you might be getting 30 or 20% earnings, and same at level 3, you earn 10% of the referral earnings.


The article provided an overview of some of the free earning methods. This topic still needs a lot of explanation. There is much more information availale on the topic.

Dani Khan