How To Check Zong Balance In 2022 (Official Methods)

How To Check Zong Balance In 2022 (Official Methods)

Are you mean you are a new Zong SIM user and don’t know How to check Zong balance? Because checking Zong balance is a very easy task for any old user. But a little tough for a new user.

Actually, Zong is the second-largest Pakistani mobile data network-based company. Zong customers very like this company because of its good service and low rate packages. Let’s go for our real topic where we will share easy and official methods to check Zong number balance, especially for new and also old users.

Checking Zong SIM Balance

Here are three official methods to check Zong balance in 2022 which are we going to discuss below.

By Calling The Zong Helpline

Checking Zong balance by calling the Zong helpline is very easy but it takes more time than other methods. You can easily check Zong remaining balance by following these instructions.

  • First of all, take your mobile phone
  • Now Unlock your phone
  • Then open the number dialer on your phone
  • Now you need to call on 310
  • Carefully listen to the computer instruction and press number 2 for 2 times
  • The computer will automatically share your remaining balance details by following the above instructions
By Calling The Zong Helpline

I hope this method is very informational for all Zong users. Which can use any educated or non-educated person. And also this method is free of cost and any taxes.

Checking Zong Balance By Code

Checking Zong balance by code is the easiest method for all of them. But some people also don’t know about this code. Which you can use for checking Zong remaining balance. So don’t worry we will share also this easy method. Where you can easily check Zong remaining balance without any problem.

By following these instructions which are given in below you can easily check Zong balance by code.

  • You need to open your Phone lock
  • Then open the “number dialer”
  • Dial “code” *222#
  • Now “press” the call button
  • Wait for a few seconds for the process
  • Now you will get the remaining balance notification on your mobile screen

While this method is easy and fast, But also there are some charges applied for checking Zong balance by code. The standard tac 0.50 (0.50+ tax) will be deducted from your SIM by dialing the code. This means this method is not free of cost and taxes.

Checking Zong Balance by “My Zong App”

In this technology time, almost everyone has a smartphone. So a Zong user must-have smartphone Where he will download the “My Zong App”. You can easily install the My Zong App by following the instructions Which are given in below.

  • Firstly, Unlock your phone
  • Turn on your WIIF or Mobile Data
  • Then go to the google play store
  • Now put My Zong name in the search bar
  • Now you will get My Zong App on the top install this app on your phone
Checking Zong Balance by “My Zong App”

This method is the second easiest of them. There are no charges to check Zong balance on the My Zong App, Just you need to have WIFI/Data to open this App.

Final Words

I hope this article will be helpful for new Zong SIM buyers. Where they don’t know about determining Zong balance methods. If you have any other questions about Checking Zong balance methods. Then feel free and share with us in the comment box.

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