Is It Possible to Make CBD Taste Better?

Is It Possible to Make CBD Taste Better?

CBD is one of the most extensively utilized cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. It is probably because of the diverse application of the said Cannabinoid in different medical conditions. It can strongly interact with the endocannabinoid system of the body and ultimately have massive impacts on various mechanisms of the body. It may also promote or diminish the production of certain hormones to regulate normal body functions. Also, it’s not psychoactive, which makes it a safer option for many people.

The major downside is the strong earthy flavor of CBD oil, which makes many people hang back from using it. Missing out on all these therapeutic effects just because you don’t like how CBD oil tastes would not be justifiable. There are several ways you can deal with this issue and make CBD taste better.

3 Best Ways To Make CBD Taste Better

If you have been wondering how to make CBD oil taste better? Can you mix CBD oil with juice? You’re at the right place. Stick around.

  1. Mix It Into Your Favorite Beverage

CBD fits almost everywhere. This implies that you can surely add CBD oil and tinctures to your favorite beverages. Be it your morning coffee, therapeutic teas, or yummy smoothies and juices, CBD fits well into every beverage.

However, mixing CBD into cocktails that have alcohol won’t be a good idea as CBD doesn’t go well with alcohol. You can start your day by adding CBD oil or tinctures to tea or coffee. If you’re using CBD oil, you might observe it floating right on top. You just need to give it a good mix before drinking.

  1. Use Edibles

Edible CBD products can literally get you away with any bad taste or smell; they’re always a lifesaver. Why not use them to make CBD taste better? Mints have a pretty strong flavor that takes over the earthy taste of CBD oil.

Any of your favorite gummies or chewing bears would work for this. You can use this method according to your ease. Some people like to pop a gum right before swallowing CBD, while others like it afterward. Mostly CBD leaves an earthy taste behind that you feel after swallowing it, so popping the gum afterward would work better.

  1. Try CBD Isolate

CBD isolate refers to pure CBD powder. It doesn’t contain any other botanical components of the cannabis plant. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products contain several components, including flavonoids and terpenes that are richly flavored. The earthy flavor of CBD oil is mostly because of all these terpenes and flavonoids. They give a strong flavor to CBD products.

If you’re just looking for the benefits of CBD rather than the entourage effects of CBD combined with other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, it may work for you. Although you might miss out on the benefits of terpenes and other components, you won’t experience those strong flavors.

Final Thoughts

If you have been hanging back all this time, now is the time to try out these tips to make CBD taste better. All of these tips make it easier for you to consume CBD.Michael Levin is a CBD enthusiast, a researcher, writer and editor in the cannabis space, experienced CBD user and educator. He believes CBD can help improve our overall health and wellbeing.

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