How to Unlock Your Jazz 4G Device (Authentic Method)

How to Unlock Your Jazz 4G Device (Authentic Method)

Are you the owner of a Jazz 4G device? And you want to use any SIM on your Jazz Wi-Fi. But the Jazz 4G device does not allow to use of any other SIM except Data SIM. Because these devices are Make protected from any illegal use.

Many people cannot afford expensive monthly packages in Data SIM. You will be Unlock your device from the Jazz franchise and also personally from yourself. So Do You Want to Know How to Unlock your Jazz 4G Device? So you choose the right place to find the solution.
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Method of Unlock your Jazz 4G Device

Be carefully follow these steps to Unlock your Jazz 4G device.

  1. Just Turn on your Jazz 4G device
  2. And connect it with laptop or Computer
  3. Install Drivers for Unlock your Jazz 4G device
  4. Keep in your Mind during the Installation Process Antivirus software be turned off. It May Be Disturb You During installation.
  5. First of all, you need to Software install drivers
  6. Go to download Flash files and Drivers
  7. Make Sure all the files in the driver run them
  8. Now they ask you for entering the number. So enter the IME number given in the Backside of Jazz 4G Wi-Fi
  9. Now put your port Number. To find a Port number go to the Search bar of the Device Manager and go to the Port tab there you will find the device number.
  10. Now press Any key for Continue
  11. Take out the Battery of your Device after unplug
  12. Again insert the battery into the device
  13. Now press the WPS button and Power Button Together At least for 5 second
  14. When you see blue light glowing, again plug it into the computer
  15. Automatically Start writing files on your Device
  16. After complete this process, now your device is unlocked and ready to run All SIM cards of any Network

After that All process your device and unlock and totally reset. Now your password is reset. Do you Know How to Change the Name and Wi-Fi Password of the Jazz 4G device?

Change Wi-Fi Password and Name of Your Jazz 4G Device

  1. Install the ‘Jazz Wi-Fi app’ on your device.
  2. Now open App and connect your Jazz Wi-Fi device with Mobile.
  3. Now see the top left-hand corner a menu bar. Click on it.
  4. Choose the ‘Settings’ option and click ‘on Basic settings.
  5. Personally Now you can change your device name.
  6. For the password, click on the ‘Wi-Fi Key’ and enter your personal Password.
  7. Now save the settings, and click on ‘Apply’.
Change Wi-Fi Password and Name of Your Jazz 4G Device
image via Jazz Wi-Fi App (Change Wi-Fi Password and Name of Your Jazz 4G Device)

Now, Finally, You unlock your Jazz 4G device and Also changed Your Device Name and password. I hope you will understand properly the Method of How to Unlock your Jazz 4G device. And I am sure its method is helpful and working for you and your friends. I am personally Use unlock Jazz 4G device and its runs All SIM cards of any network. I am satisfied with this network, And also recommend to you Use the Jazz 4G device for using the long term.

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