How to Make iPad view in PUBG Mobile 2021 (100% Full Guide)

Are you the Mobile Player in PUBG Mobile? But mobile does not allow you to get the full view on PUBG Mobile. Many players do not have a good budget to buy Apple iPads. Do you know How to Get iPad view in PUBG Mobile.

Today we discussed the 3 Best ways to get iPad View in PUBG Mobile. I will make every effort to provide you with the full details of the information.

3 Best Methods to Make iPad view in PUBG Mobile

  • Make iPad view by official Method in PUBG Mobile
  • Make iPad view by Adding file
  • Make iPad view by Split Screen

Make iPad view by official Method PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has launched the iPad Look in the latest update. So Now you can make iPad view by official method. This method was presented by the official PUBG Mobile. Now you get the iPad view on Android or iOS by using the official method. However This method changes your Android or iOS normal to iPad view in PUBG Mobile.

  • Just ”Open” PUBG Mobile game
  • Go to the “Game settings”
  • Click on the “Basic Setting”
  • “Change 3rd person Camera view” up to 80 to 90.
  • Now click on “Save setting”
Make iPad view by official Method PUBG Mobile
image via PUBG Mobile (Make iPad view by official Method PUBG Mobile)

After use, these all steps your normal view is Automatically Changed into iPad view.

 Make iPad view by Adding file 

The second method of getting an iPad view in PUBG Mobile is to Add a file. After Adding a file your Normal View is Automatically changed into iPad view. But Keep in your mind Add files to your phone is illegal. Banned Chances of your Account will increase after using the file.

  • Download the apk file
  • just unzip the file
  • Now go into the internal storage of the device
  • Click on the Android folder, then click on Data
  • Now find the “ig” folder
  • Open EU4Game, then ShadowTrackerExtra, and then ShadowTrackerExtraagain
  • You must need the Content folder in the second ShadowTrackerExtrafolder Paste it.

Now you can download file from here.

Download file

This Method is unofficial, So I recommended to you only use the Official method of PUBG Mobile.

Make iPad view by split-screen

Thirdly, In this method, You don’t need any Apps or files in this method. It’s very safe and easy to do. Make iPad view by split-screen method only for rooted devices. Almost all android low-end devices support this feature.

  • “Open” Your Game
  • Just “Minimize” It
  • Click On the recent key of the App button
  • Now “Split the Game”
  • Until the Game Load, You see the Home Screen of PUBG Mobile
  • “Slide Slowly” and Full Screen It
  • Now Done, your Mobile Changed into iPad view
Make iPad view by split-screen
image via Android (Make iPad view by split-screen)

This Method is Easy and Safe from Adding files. Just follow the official and Split Screen method for iPad view. If your Mobile does Not Support these 2 Methods. So you go for Adding files in PUBG Mobile.


Hey, viewers today We discussed some Tips and Tricks How to Make iPad View in PUBG Mobile. These official and unofficial methods are very helpful for iPad Lovers which don’t have a Budget to buy iPad. Then We Share Easy steps to Make an iPad view on Your Mobile phones. I hope you liked all these Steps. Just follow these steps Share with your friends.

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