An Ultimate Guide For Using TikTok Sounds For Your Videos

 An Ultimate Guide For Using TikTok Sounds For Your Videos

Sounds for a visual create a blissful experience. TikTok sounds act as a backbone for your TikTok videos. Apart from other apps, TikTok, in a short span, gained people’s attention and hearts. It has become the most popular video-sharing platform with over 689 million users. As per surveys taken from the users, almost 90% of users shared that TikTok sounds are more fun to use other than the sounds from other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc., 

Whether people agree or not, TikTok sounds are a significant part of the platform. If you separate sounds from your videos, then they will become meaningless. Similarly, the addition of trending sounds to your TikTok video will provide you with the highest count on the tiktok views counter when analyzed. On the other hand, some TikTokers have found that using sounds at a low volume will trick the algorithm and shows your content to more people. 

Let’s get to know more about TikTok sounds in this article. 

Why Use TikTok Sounds?

A “sound-on” approach makes TikTok unique where the audio acts as a trigger point. Most creators search sounds on TikTok first, then do their videos and fit their contents. Undoubtedly, sounds push the brand message to the target audience at a high level. One study revealed that the ads with sound help significantly lift on purchase of products and increase the brand image. 

How To Select TikTok Sounds? 

Sounds library

You can use the TikTok sounds library. Search and browse whatever sounds you feel that is fit for your video. Sounds library provides you with tons of sounds, and all sounds are available for all users. In addition, the library offers options to search based on the song’s name, trends, genre, playlist, and much more. All these listings follow the algorithms. So don’t worry! Choose the topmost on the list to make it successful!

For You Page

‘For you page’ is nothing, but you can use the sounds already in the app used by others for their videos. However, sometimes you will be clueless about what sounds suit your videos. For example, you may sometimes forget the name or title of a track you are familiar with in your mind but not in words. The ‘For you page’ serves as your helper during these situations.

If you come across some sounds that you like in ‘for you page,’ then tap on the sound. After tapping, the app will redirect to the audio page. You can add your favorite sound on the audio page using the “Use this sound” option for quick filming videos. Otherwise, “add to favorites” to use the sound later. 

Creating Own Sounds

Instead of choosing from other videos, you can add your original sound too. For example, you can add voiceover, running commentary, or mash-up of your original creations. It needs a little creativity, but the results will be excellent. The best way to acquire consistency in getting likes for your videos when analyzed on the tiktok likes counter is to create your original sounds. 

Easy Steps To Include Sounds In Your TikTok Videos

  • To enter the Sounds library, click the ‘+’ icon present in the middle of the navigation bar at the bottom of the home screen. Then you will be redirected to a new page. Now, tap on “sounds” at the page top to add the sounds.
  • Another way is that if you know the song name or title, you can add that sound by searching on the discover page.
  • If you need to add sound to your existing video, tap on the ‘sounds’ icon on the left corner of the page after adding video on the TikTok app. It will direct you to the sounds library, where you can choose songs. You can also tap on ‘favorites’ to select your already saved songs.

Steps To Create And Include Original TikTok Sound 

Step 1: Tap the ‘+’ icon on the screen to create a new filming video.

Step 2: Record the video with your voice.

Step 3: After completing the recording process, select the red mark to continue further.

Step 4: For further editing, of the original sound, use the options at the bottom right of your screen. It displays options like voice effects, adjustments like speed up or slow down, etc.,

Step 5: Tap on ‘Next’ at the bottom of the screen. Hurrah! Now your video is on the post. 

Step 5: Go to your profile and select the video to watch it entirely for the final check of your video. 

Step 6: You will see a spinning record icon at the screen bottom. Tap to change the title, and you can add to favorites to use on any other further TikTok videos. 

Always think before you create your original soundtrack. Have a clear written speech and a bold voice. If you follow these tips, tiktokcounter will show you a hike in your videos’ number of likes and views. 


I hope this article transfers some great insights about the TikTok sounds and their uses. As a wrap-up, as your content is likely to a particular audience, it is similar that sounds appeal to a specific group of people. So keep up your sound style and relax with the reach.

David John