5 Tips On Choosing a Cuban Link Chain

5 Tips On Choosing a Cuban Link Chain

Cuban link chains, for sure, are a fantastic jewelry piece to wear, especially for men. These chain types got their hype back in 2012 and, over the past decade, have stayed on the radar of the trendiest pieces in jewelry. There is no doubt as to why it is loved so much. Want to know?

This is because the interlinking designs are not only durable but give an appealing look when worn. So, if you are looking for a minimalistic yet attractive design to wear, we suggest you get your hands on the Cuban link chains.

However, while these chains look great, buying them isn’t as easy as it may seem. If you want to invest in a Cuban link chain for long-term use, here are some factors you should consider.

What to Look for When Choosing a Cuban Link Chain?

Wearing a Cuban Link Chain while looking trendy, you must put a lot of thought into buying one. This is because Cuban Link Chains are of different types, made from various metals, and each has its own uniqueness. So before you head out to buy a Cuban link chain, here are five factors you should keep in mind.

  1. Budget

When buying a trendy jewelry piece that you know can cost a few dollars, the most important thing to consider is your budget. Cuban Link Chains aren’t the most inexpensive material on the planet, and they cost a good amount of money.

However, these chains can come in a variety of prices. Therefore, it is essential to decide what your budget is. There is no rule that only the most expensive jewelry will last you the longest. You can find the best Cuban link chains at the price you have set for yourself too.

So, set a budget and how much you are willing to spend first.

  1. Decide the Length

Cuban Link Chains are expensive, and when you put your money on the table, you expect nothing but the best. Hence, when buying a Cuban link chain, the next thing you should keep in mind is the length of your chain.

Cuban link chains can come in different lengths. They can be very long or as small as a choker. However, the ideal length of a Cuban link chain is around 18 to 22 inches, with an average width of 8mm.

The length is one of the most crucial factors to consider; hence it is always advisable to wear it once before buying it. These chains are gorgeous. However, they will only stand out when visible properly; therefore, deciding on the proper length is very important.

Once passed through the length, the size of the chain comes next.

  1. What Should the Size Be?

The size of a Cuban Link Chain matters the most. They say that the size of the neck piece determines how well it will compliment your outfit. Some outfits go well with small chains, while others go well with longer chains.

However, if you take our opinion, the chain size should be directly proportional to your budget. The bigger the Cuban chain, the more expensive it will be. Hence, it is advisable to buy a chain that is moderate in size for it to go well with many different outfits.

Now that we are passed through the size, the material is what your next focus should be.

  1. Material of the Chain

The material of your Cuban link chain will speak a lot about its durability. The link chains are available in a whole lot of different materials, from brass to stainless steel, and each has its uniqueness and quality.

However, understanding what material suits your need is essential. If you are looking for a chain to wear on an everyday basis, then a stainless steel Cuban link chain will work perfectly well.

This is because stainless steel is one of the most durable materials when it comes to jewelry. This particular material can easily withstand the wear and tears that come with strenuous everyday activities and won’t get any scratches. Hence, a perfect material to form the strongest chain.

On the other hand, brass gives a more appealing look considering its resemblance to gold, while sterling silver is more affordable but prone to quickly tarnishing.

  1. Cleaning and Maintenance  

Cleaning and maintenance automatically become a priority if you spend money on a particular product. When buying a Cuban link chain, you should consider its design and how easy it would be to clean and maintain it.

While men’s Cuban chains are thicker and the ones women usually wear are dainty and delicate, both can be cleaned by this method.

Use mild water and a soft cloth to clean the Cuban link chains. If the link has a thick polish, make sure to use a soft cloth with lukewarm water to clean it.

Why Should You Invest in a Cuban Link Chain?

There is no denying that Cuban link chains are one of the trendiest pieces that have emerged in the fashion industry. For over ten years, the Cuban link pieces have become a statement piece for many, and people wear them for everyday use.

If you are thinking about investing in a Cuban link chain, then you definitely should. These chains are excellent everyday wear and can add a class to your outfits, spicing it up and making you feel ready to step out all the time.


Cuban link chains are a significant elevation to your outfit, and if you are planning to buy a Cuban link chain for yourself, make sure to keep the mentioned pointers in mind.

When spending a hefty amount of money, it is necessary to ensure that you get the best quality. With these mentioned points, we are hopeful that you will buy the best link chain for yourself and wear it in style every day.



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