Care Tips For Wigs

Care Tips For Wigs

Apart from selecting an excellent quality hair wig, one of the greatest methods to maintain its longevity is to take care of it. However, it is not only your wig that requires attention; your natural hair also requires care. Proper care of your natural hair and wig is the key to making the most of your wig buying, and here is excellent wig care advice for both. Whether you pick a synthetic or natural hair wig, they need appropriate maintenance to guarantee they endure and look great. Here is your guide to proper wig maintenance to ensure your wig will be constantly beautiful and good to go.

1. Use Wig-Specific Hair Products.

According to the professionals, you may utilize style items, hair spray, hair oil, and human-hair gel on your wigs. Several of these solutions, unfortunately, are designed for natural hair and don’t perform well with synthetic wigs. Instead, it is best to employ wig-specific treatments for synthetic wigs. To keep your hair from tangling or falling out, spray it with the wig-specific product before wearing the wig.

2. Refrain From Frequently Washing Your Wig.

It is a great option to clean your wig after wearing it for an extended period or after visiting theme parks. However, washing your wig every several months or more will help your wig last longer. In addition, it is recommended to use wig shampoo rather than ordinary shampoo since it is designed mainly for synthetic hair.

In the bath, carefully wash your wig and eliminate filth using a damp washcloth, but never scrape or knead it too much. Wash the hair well and blot any excess water with some other towel. Place it on a towel to dry and prevent leaning, walking, or shaking it while drying.

3. Utilize A Wig Protector.

The synthetic wig, like your natural hair, is susceptible to harm, so provide your wig a protector. A wig protector will safeguard your wig from abrasion, sweat, and warmth, extending its life. When sleeping, wrap your hair with a transparent or black piece of vinyl or plastic.

Moreover, if you do not have the chance to restyle your hair daily, you may use the sheets to hold it in place. Also, while keeping your wig, try utilizing a wig cover to preserve it from becoming harmed.

4. Use A Wig Holder To Keep Your Wig In Place.

Bending down, sitting, or leaning on your wig while shopping might make your hair come out. So, utilizing a wig holder, which stands at an angle and prevents your wig from dropping while you are using it, is recommended. This will avoid spillage and other accidents from ruining your new hairpiece. Furthermore, most wig protectors stand double as a security area, keeping unwelcome fingers out of your unique appearance.

5. Have A Expert Cut Your Wig.

Cutting your wig might make you uncomfortable, but just as you would not trim your natural hair until you are satisfied with your hairstyling abilities, you would not trim your wig unless you were confident with the scissors. If you wish to add a fringe, layering, or clean it up, bring your wig to your local hairstylist, who will mold it to fit your unique style better. Also, because it is difficult to repair a wig, it is strongly advised to see an expert if you are unclear about anything.

How To Wash Your Wig

Proper wig maintenance can increase the life of your wig, and how frequently you wash your wig is determined by how often you use it. Around 6-8 wearings, or roughly once a week, is a good schedule for cleaning your wig. To clean and maintain your human and synthetic hair wig, follow these simple steps:

1. Wash Your Wig

First, use a wide-tooth comb to eliminate knots and flip it upside down carefully. Then bathe it in a mixture of a capful of wig shampoo or cold water for 5 minutes. Twirl it slowly and avoid wringing or rubbing, then, wholly rinse in lukewarm water and turn right side down.

2. When Wig Is Wet

When it is still damp, don’t massage, wring, twist, brush, or comb it; instead, set it on a wig holder or tall wig support for longer wigs. Then, sprinkle with conditioner and let it dry naturally at room temperature. Always utilize a hairdryer for drying a synthetic wig.

3. When Wig Is Dry

Finger-style comb or brush to get the desired appearance. Brushing a curly synthetic wig is never a good idea; instead, use a comb or finger-style it. When brushing a human hairdo, begin at the tips and carefully reach the roots.

4. Maintaining The Appearance

Maintain your hair wig clean at all times to lessen the regularity you wash it. You can utilize wig care solutions that have been mainly created to prolong the life of your wig and get the most out of your purchase. When not using it, keep your wig on a styrofoam-style head, and have a spare wig available to provide adequate cleaning time.

Where Can You Find A Good Quality Wig?

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Every fashion item has a specific role in your life; some are simple additions to your outfit, while others have a far deeper influence on your view. Wigs are one of these items since a person’s hairstyle is the most visible aspect of their appearance. Many people wear wigs because they feel more confident and gorgeous every day.

However, after you’ve found the best wig for you, you need also to know how to care for it. We hope this post has provided helpful information on caring for your wigs. Don’t let your money go to waste; take care of your wigs constantly.

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