Summer Trends That Will Inspire You in Decorating Your Balcony in 2022

Summer Trends That Will Inspire You in Decorating Your Balcony in 2022

Anyone who wants to enjoy private, special moments in their houses or apartments needs a balcony. People who chose not to opt for a veranda for their apartments come to regret their decisions after realizing how much they are missing. When you have visitors over, they act as extra rooms. When the remainder of the home is occupied, you may quickly have a private talk on your balcony. When you want to be outdoors but do not want to be on the streets, such an area is perfect for reading, drinking, or simply unwinding.

In a manner, the small area enables you to observe everything that is happening outside without exposing yourself too much to risk getting into trouble. If you have kids, you can let them play on a balcony that is properly guarded during the day so they can get plenty of vitamin D from the sun. They will be nearby while you are inside the house, and bringing them back inside will not require you to utilize the elevator or a flight of stairs.

Your balcony offers you more in terms of views, sounds, and air than any other excursion you might do for the same budget. Balconies might occasionally be pricey, but the cost is well worth it.

Planning the Ideal Balcony or Terrace Requires Taking Into Account 4 Factors

A trendy location for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family can be created by a wonderfully built outdoor area, which can have a significant impact on your home. Maximizing space and design are crucial regardless of having a balcony or a larger area like a patio.

Interior designers and architects usually offer the following pieces of advice:

The Big Three: Space, Function, and Style

It is crucial to avoid crowding and cluttering smaller areas with limited space, such as an apartment balcony or tiny terrace. To give height and a natural, relaxed atmosphere, choose tall plants or wall creepers.

Make Your Space Appear Larger

Consider uplighting and wall lights in this area because they can help make the room appear larger, and place or hang lanterns throughout your outdoor space for a laid-back and cozy effect.

Use Space Wisely as Well

If you are not planning to entertain 10 people at once, do not overcrowd your terrace with enormous chairs and sofas. Patio furniture can take up the most room, so it is crucial to be realistic when considering how much seating you will need.

For small spaces, use utilitarian furniture with several uses, such as fold-away bistro tables or hidden storage chairs.

Make Your Balcony Functional All Year Round

It is also important to consider how to make the space usable in both winter and summer. You will use the terrace to its full potential if there is space for a wood stove or heater in the winter period.

Pick enduring outdoor textiles that can withstand rain and sunlight. With fabric, blankets, and cushions, wicker furniture may be periodically changed while maintaining a casual, ageless appearance.

Balcony Decoration Trends

So, it is clear that if you love peace and quiet, we are sure that you would like to make the most of the space on your balcony so that you can enjoy it every day. Sunny and warm weather has come to us, so we all long to have at least a part of the space that would represent our small oasis.

Whether you have a smaller or larger balcony, here are some ideas that can inspire you to decorate it to your liking.

Minimalist Paradise

If owning a large number of things burdens you, you can arrange your balcony so that you do not trip over it or hit anything. In fact, the basic thing you need is a comfortable chair or armchair, a table and some pots with plants, and we suggest that all of them be in neutral colors (white, beige…). If you also have a beautiful view – do you need something more?

Bring coffee, sit back, get a book in hand, or a smartphone to place a sporting bet on some of the most standout online bookies at and the enjoyment can begin.

Comfortable and Colorful

Looking for a ‘happy’ haven that will cheer you up after a hard day’s work? No problem. You can place several pillows of different colors on your balcony armchair or bed, surround yourself with colorful flowers, and decorate the walls or fence with lamps. In addition to bringing a smile to your face every time you look at it, your balcony will exude a kind of romantic vibe.

‘Screaming’ Yellow

Yellow is IN this summer, and especially in combination with green because you will have the feeling that you have stepped into a soothing mountain/rural landscape on your balcony. Add a few yellow pads and a blanket, or paint one wall with this color and you will see it ‘hit’ with joy. Complement the ambiance with a few pots of greenery and voilà!

A Piece of Nature

Speaking of landscapes, wooden furniture is always a good choice. If your balcony is a little bigger or has the capacity to accommodate more people, you can equip the whole space in relation to a central wooden table, which you can surround with trendy chairs and armchairs of the same material (or wicker), which will give the impression of being somewhere in nature on camping. You can also set up a hanging swing, which is always a great solution for both children and adults.

Add lamps, candles, and greenery, and invite your ‘crew’ to the ultimate party!

Under the Starry Sky

Hanging lamps, lighted (and scented candles) in several places, ceiling lights, lanterns on the table… Have you already had the desire to lie down on pillows and rest and not be disturbed by anyone? We have! The whole setting exudes a soothing atmosphere that invigorates, but also romance. Embraced, you can make fun plans with your partner here, while also watching the stars.


Even the miniature balcony can be used to the maximum and become an oasis where you like to spend time the most. If you have only two or three square meters of the balcony, it is enough to place one chair and one table on which you will want to drink coffee every morning. Believe us, it will look adorable too…

The Boho Style

Yes, please! The Boho style is still one of the leading styles in interior design and includes wooden and crocheted furniture and objects, greenery, and colorful details in the form of carpets, pillows, and decorations.

In addition to a comfortable place to relax on the balcony, you can make your own garden. You can plant seeds in some pots and look forward to each new germination.

Balcony as a Room

Such a solution is also viable. If you need another space for children’s play, or you just do not want an open balcony, you can glaze it and turn it into a room for a specific purpose. With bookshelves, this space, for example, can only be for reading in the open air.

While this can certainly be a pleasant solution, think carefully before you decide to glaze the balcony and measure what you lose and what you get.

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