Iganony: An Instagram Stories Viewer and Downloader Tool

Iganony: An Instagram Stories Viewer and Downloader Tool

Modern man is using social media in many ways. It has become a discrete part of our lives. We are using social media to approach favorite personalities all around the world. We can peep out into the lives of others and what is going on in their lives and can make and share ideas and information with others.

Instagram is also a social media-based app and source that allows users to share their favorite videos, photos, and stories with their viewers and watch other materials. However, there is an alternative to this app, which will serve the same things without making an account on Instagram. Yes, it will allow you to use Instagram without registering or logging into Instagram. This is in Iganony, which will offer to link you with Instagram.

Let’s move ahead and explore more about Iganony. To gain sufficient information, stay with us till the end.

What is Iganony?

Iganony is a web-based platform that allows you to stay connected to Instagram without downloading apps or making any account. It acts as a third party between Instagram and viewers. One can approach all the contents of Instagram without making it known to everyone. It will help you avoid the essential criteria for registration and keep you informed about all the activities and trending videos on Instagram with the preferred hiding of your activities and identity.

Now, let’s discuss all the features that will aid you in using this source.

Devices compatible with Iganony

Iganony supports various devices. These devices are compatible and can make the best use. The devices are given in the following.

  • Laptop
  • computer
  • smartphone (android, ios or the system that can be operated)
  • tablet

Requirements to use Iganony

following requirements are necessary to use Iganony.

  • A reliable device
  • An internet connection
  • Username or id

How to view Instagram stories?

It is straightforward to search for someone on the Iganony. For this purpose, you must have a username or ID. The rest of the process is given in the following.

Kindly follow the given steps to use Iganony.


Visit a browser and enter iganony.com in the URL. You can also download an app it’s up to you.


A page of iganony.com will be open. Here, you will be asked to enter a username or ID.


After entering the username, the page of the respective username will open. it will contain all the videos, photos, or stories and top trending content


When you open one of them, there will be an option for downloading


let’s download by clicking the option in the preferred quality. Your downloaded content will be saved on the device

Top Features of Iganony

Iganony offers top features when anyone makes use of it. These features are making an effort to gain sufficient users. Let’s explore all these features one by one.

1. Use anonymously

The best feature associated with Iganony is that you can use It without knowing somebody. If you want to watch all the videos and photos related to your favorite personality, they can do so. And if you want to download it, you can do so without making a notice to anyone.

2.No need to make an account

The next feature is that there will be no need to make an account. It is necessary to make an account when using the original Instagram app. But as an alternative, when you use Iganony, there is no need to make an account or login process. You will freely use it after visiting the web address of Iganony. It allows all the users (who are not a part of Instagram) to explore all the contents of Instagram.

3. Invisible use

Iganony will keep your identity invisible. When you explore the accounts or IDs of other people through Iganony, then it will be invisible to users. They must find out who is monitoring their account or watching content.

4. Access unavailable contents

When anyone posts a story on Instagram, it is available for three courses, and after due time, it will be invisible to viewers. If you have missed content, then Iganony can show it again. In this way, you will access your missed content.

4. Able to download contents

Iganony will enable you to download any content you use to watch through it. It will help you to minimize interested data, including videos, photos, etc. Contents can be downloaded in a high-quality mood.

5. Offline viewing

Offline viewing of saved content is the best feature of Iganony. Downloading videos or any other content on the device can be viewed later, even without an internet connection.

6. User friendly interface

It incorporates a friendly use. It will navigate you to the correct place where you can make the best use.

How do Instagram and Iganony differ from each other

Instagram and Iganony differ from each other. A lot of points are differentiating them. Some of these are given in the following.

1. Instagram needs a complete process to log in or make an account

While it is not necessary in the case of Iganony. It will allow you to view Instagram without making an account.

2. Ingony will let you view Instagram content without informing the owner. While it will be in complete notice when you use it via Instagram

3. You can watch a story even if it is removed after 24 hours from an ID. While for the case of Instagram, you will be unable to do so

Top Alternatives of Iganony

Iganony is best to be used. But if, for some reason, you are looking for another way to approach Instagram, here the following are some alternatives. You can carry out one of them.



InstaNavigation is an alternative to Iganony. It works like Iganony. It serves to watch Instagram content while keeping your identity hidden.it is the source to stay connected with Instagram and to download content available on ID.

2. insta stories.pro

insta stories.pro

One can use Instagram anonymously by carrying insta stories. Pro. It is the best way and acts like Iganony. You will be able to watch the contents of Instagram with 100% surety. It will not ask for registration and login process.



The next alternative at the top for the Iganony is Picuki.com. It is better than others because it allows you to watch, download, and edit Instagram content. You can explore trending videos using a browser, with or without an app.



Insta-story-viewer. pl allows users to stay connected to Instagram anonymously. You can watch and download videos, photos, or Instagram stories without making a notice to anyone. This is an app freeway; you can use it through a browser.

5. Dumpor


Dumpor is an alternative to Iganony. By using it, besides watching and downloading videos, you can also analyze Instagram likes, comments, and shares. You can search for many other things in other ways, such as locations, profiles, and hashtags. Downloading can be done by pasting a link at the search bar.



IGram can save Instagram photos, videos, and stories. It is compatible with all types of devices. You only need to copy the Instagram URL, and then by pasting it into IGram, you will get all the required content. You can share downloaded photos and videos with others.

 7. blind stories

Blind Stories

It will take you into the realm of Instagram without making an account. Blind stories will also serve to watch and download Instagram stories, photos, and videos. It acts like others. It can be used through a browser. You only need to paste a link, username, or id.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How can I use Instagram anonymously?

You can use Instagram with the Iganony. It will serve like Instagram except for downloading the Instagram app and making an account.

Does the Iganony download stories on Instagram?

Yes, it serves to download all the stories.

Does the website collect any data from users?

No, websites don’t collect any data or make any history. Your search history cannot be viewed.

Which format is supported by Iganony?

Iganony supports mp4 for video and JPEG for photos.


That’s all about Iganony. It is a time-saving, frequent way to stay updated with trending personalities and videos or photos on Instagram. It is the best way to connect to social media. It is an anonymous platform where you can watch everything without informing the owner. It is a way to satisfy your curiosity about trending content. It is free to use, and downloaded content can be watched later without an internet connection.


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