Picuki: Best Ever Instagram Viewer and Downloader

Picuki: Best Ever Instagram Viewer and Downloader

This is an age of modern technology and most of the human beings are using this technology to access social media. Social media contains a large number of people who are there to make a connection with their followers. Instagram is also a social media platform that allows people to post different stories which include videos and photos. Anyone can access these stories directly or through an app which is termed PICUKI. Yes, it is Picuki which will aid you to view and download Instagram stories without having an account.

Let’s move ahead and explore more about Picuki.

What is Picuki?

Picuki is one of the biggest platforms that allow its users to access Instagram stories, profiles, tags, and locations without making an account. it is getting famous among its users as it was recently updated in in2023.

similarly, it lets us edit Instagram pictures, and test the Top personality on Instagram and this all will go without making an account or logging in.  sure, it’ll enable us to watch Instagram profiles, tags, places, and pics without logging in. We can imagine How useful is it as this is the quality choice for those users who need to log in or create an Instagram account.

Top features of Picuki

Here in this section, we will explore the top features of Picuki that make it more beneficial to use.

· Access any profile

It allows to search any person’s profile on Instagram without making an account or logging in

· Find account location

Besides watching or downloading stories It also provides the feature of location on Instagram for example one can easily find the location of an account i.e. to which country this account belongs

· Make an addition to Instagram Photos

One can easily make changes to other photos on Instagram and this is one of the prominent features of Picuki. through various tools provided by Picuki, one can edit Instagram photos.

· Trending on Instagram

Every story or personality that is trending on Instagram now, will be under your fingers. You can explore trending Instagram stories or personalities using Picuki

· Use without logging

One of the valuable features and benefits is that it allows you to browse without logging in. You will not have to suffer the steps of logging

· Search without privacy

By using Picuki, one can access any profile on Instagram with a user ID. Download Images, Videos, Stories, And Profile Photos. Picuki allows you to download all the content on Instagram including photos, videos, etc. This feature is very valuable for persons who want to be aware of the content of their competitors. (if a profile is not allowed to offer download, you can only see the messages)

· Inquiring profile

you can analyze a profile on Instagram which includes the number of followers, following, and posts. It also shows the tagged persons under the posts or stories.

· Hashtag on Instagram

A hashtag is used within a post on social media to help those who may be interested in your topic to be able to find it when they search for a keyword or particular hashtag.

With Picuki, users can search for hashtags and see the top posts associated with the hashtag. This feature is helpful for businesses and influencers who want to increase their visibility on Instagram using top hashtags on Instagram.

How do you view a story on Instagram at Picuki?

In order to use Picuki, you must follow given steps;

Step :1

launch the Instagram viewer app

Open the Instagram viewer by directly visiting the website or beginning it with the app.


Input Username or link

Enter the username or link of the favorite personality to whom the story you want to view and download. The link or address is like username, @username or instagram.com/username.

The web page will open: https://instastories.seasoned/en/username/


Access stories, live streams, and publication

After exploring the user id click on the “stories”. now, you can watch all stories, live streaming, or publications which include photos and videos with complete descriptions of your favorite personality


Download stories

The last step is to download interesting stories.

For this open the story, at the top there will be a download option click on it. All the stories will be saved to your PC, iPhone, or Android gallery.

Way to access Picuki API

If you want to get Picuki content on your device, you must have access to API. Here in the following, we will explore a complete step-by-step description of how to access Picuki API.


Enter https://www.picuki.com/ to open the official webpage


A page will open find “Request access to our API” After scrolling the page


Select “Request API”


Here you will have to enter your e-mail address, website, and project and click API

Now, you have done all the steps successfully. You will receive a confirmation message through e-mail and if face any confusion then visit the official website https://www.picuki.com/page/contact-us.


Picuki is useful to its user. it contains some pros and cons which are listed the following;


Pros of Instagram are listed as;

  • use Instagram without logging in
  • Edit Insta photos with cropping, filters, text, stickers, borders, etc.
  • Explore trending Instagram stories daily or weekly
  • Search for Instagram posts by profile name, tags, and locations
  • Quick access to celebrities’ Instagram posts
  • It will not take much time to view Instagram stories and posts
  • It sets a competition between different competitors by analyzing others’ content of stories and posts etc.


Cons or disadvantages of Picuki are given as;

  • Browse in the carousel view
  • Must Follow an Instagram account to access
  • Viewing or downloading can only be possible through a private Instagram profile
  • Must Watch Instagram live streams
  • Must Like or comment on an Instagram profile

Top alternatives of Picuki

If for some reason, you are looking for another way to access Instagram then, here in the following are some top alternatives of Picuki that will serve you in this regard.


It’s by far an internet-based alternative, however, with it, you can see personal photos and stories of different Instagram users. You do not even need to send a request to see what is posted on personal money owed.

4K Stogram

The next alternative is 4k Stogram. With the 4k program, it is possible to browse and download Instagram snapshots, movies, stories, and posts. users also can download Instagram content material to their devices. 4K Stogram allows you to save a backup of your Instagram profile. if you assume your account is liable to hacking, this device might be best for you.

Stories Down

That is a website from where you can see all of the content published on Instagram. you may without problems go through the content material your favorite ones share without making a notice. if you want to interact with an unknown profile, this tool can be ideal for you because all will go through it easily. Stories Down types all Instagram sports based on time. It also affords a filter to put off all poor feedback earlier than you can examine them.


InstaDP is another Instagram editor and viewer on an entire exclusive stage. For starters, customers can view profiles, non-public pictures, and stories on Instagram, but there is more. It also permits you to view without being noticed. Furthermore, the tool comes with a feature that may create collections of all of the posts you want.


SmiHub is an Instagram editor and viewer this is not specific to Picuki. It gives you all of the simple services like viewing Instagram memories, pix, and motion pictures. As expected like Picuki, you don’t have to be logged on to your account to access the offerings.


Subsequently, we would love to name Watchinsta as one of the exceptional Picuki alternatives. it is a browser-based device permitting you to download any public or private pictures on Instagram. moreover, you no longer need any registration to apply to the Watch list.

furthermore, it is constantly tested and improved with the proxy guide, making it safe and undetectable.


We were interested in IGLookup’s smooth and feature-rich interface. With this tool at your disposal, you may even view private Instagram pix anonymously.

moreover, it is an internet-based loose platform to browse everybody’s Instagram safely and securely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

what is Picuki?

Picuki acts as a third party to view Instagram stories and posts without making an account.

Does Picuki charge any fee to be used?

No, Picuki doesn’t charge any fee, it is free to use.

Is Picuki secure to use and need any account or login?

yes, Picuki is secure to be used. Moreover, it does not need any account or login process.

Which devices support Picuki?

Picuki supports all types of devices including PCs, tablets, iPhones, and Android.

How much time does a Picuki take to download Instagram stories and post?

It normally doesn’t take much time to download. it depends upon the internet connection and length of content.

Is Picuki legal?

In terms of legitimacy, however, Picuki is a legal website and the truthful use of Picuki offerings is a felony as well.


Picuki is an online web-based platform that allows you to use Instagram without making an account. The steps to access Picuki are very simple and one cannot get any difficulty generally. It is equipped with several features. With its consumer-friendly interface, beneficial analytics, and numerous other gear, it could decorate your Instagram enjoy. but, in case you’re inquisitive about exploring other options, there are some extremely good alternatives to remember. ultimately, it all comes down to your personal choices and wishes.


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