How to lag fix on Android PUBG Mobile 2021

How to lag fix on Android PUBG Mobile 2021

Player unknowns’ battleground mobile game was developed by Tencent game in the year 2018. This game is available for Android and ios for both and also available for PC. You can download the Android version from Google Play and the ios version from the Apple store. PUBG mobile has many updates in a single month for change maps and changing Season’s lag fix on Android PUBG Mobile.

First of all, PUBG is the most played game all over the world. Almost every country has its own version of this Game. But some countries ban this game due to students’ future and their parents don’t want to waste the time of their children. Many people play this game only for fun but some people Make this game source of income from youtube. Youtube is an authentic platform to earn online money. So many people are experts on youtube and know how to earn online money from youtube in different ways but Pubg is the most used way to earn money from YouTube in 2021.

Many people faced many problems in this game Lag problem’ Fps drop’ graphics problem and also many glitches. But the main problem is a lag problem. This is faced by many people and does not take entertain this game properly. And they want to know how to fix the lag problem on PUBG Mobile? We found many ways to solve this problem and take easy play to the game for every people. lag fix on Android PUBG Mobile.

Further, don’t worry if you are an emulator player. You can also fix the lag problem in PUBG Mobile. Just install the latest Gameloop 7.1 version and play the smooth game.

But we Find Some Ways to Reduce lag from Android devices:

5 ways to lag fix on android

  • Use the Gfx Tool
  • Uninstall Unusual Apps
  • Disabled Background Applications
  • Clear Storage Space of Device
  • Restart Device

Use the Gfx Tool

Use the gfx tool for Android you can easily find this app from the google play store And make your Pubg gameplay very smooth. You can Find easily use the Way of this app from YouTube. And learn how to use this app without Ban 100%. This App made for low devices Like 2 Gb Ram and low graphic devices. But you can use this app on your android device and improve your graphics and increase Fps round about Smooth extreme. And I hope you can get knowledge of how lag fix on Android PUBG Mobile by using Gfx Tool.

Image via GFX Tool

Uninstall Unusual Apps

Many people have many unusual apps on their devices. But they want to know How to play Pubg mobile smooth? Like ios devices. So I have advised those people don’t waste their time Just to delete unusual apps from the device. And clean Clear cache from your device. Now Takes your devices Clean from viruses and unusual Apps. So enjoy smooth gameplay on your android device.

Image via Android

Disabled Background Applications

People who use much application in daily routine. And forget to minimize these apps. So these apps running slowly in the Background all day. Due to background application working speed of mobile is slow. And also you have faced problems in Playing Pubg mobile. Best way to disable background application. You can easily download Greenify app from the Google play store. Now you can easily stop background running applications.

Image via Greenify

Clear Storage Space of Device

Many Andriod devices have Low storage. But Pubg mobile game increases his Quality day by day. But I suggested it to everyone. Don’t take unusual video files and any other high files and documents. After these tips and tricks, You Can easily play smooth Pubg mobile on your low-end devices. And also know how to lag fix on android mobiles in 2021.

Image via Android

Restart Device

If you had faced lag problems minute by minute on your device. And you used all the tips and tricks which I gave in above. The last method of this problem is to restart your device 1 to 2 times then play PUBG and check. Now you can feel 50% to 70% smoothness on your device. Restarting the device gives more smoothness to your mobile. So you can enjoy the smooth game.

Image via Android

I Will be Given these Tips and tricks in simple wording about How to 100% Lag to fix on emulator.


Here we will discuss the lag problem on android. And also discussed how to fix the lag problem on android. I hope this informative article is very helpful for you. If you have any other questions about these. You can ask freely in comments.

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