There are numerous types of women’s footwear available throughout Australia for women for different occasions. Nowadays, with increasing competition, different types of footwear are available at competitive prices. Footwear like the Frankie 4 collection are stylish without any compromises in comfort at affordable rates.

Some of the most common women footwear are:

  • Ballet flats

Ballet flats draw their design ideas from the slippers worn by ballerinas, and they’re both fashionable and comfy, making them ideal for the workplace. According to the style, the heels on women’s shoes in this category will be minimal or non-existent. Shoes with a close toe and a round toe, as well as a thin sole, are usual.

  • Gladiator Sandals

Sandals with a nod to the age of the Roman Gladiators

These sandals, which feature a flat sole and numerous wide-cross straps that begin at the sole and end with a thicker strap at the top, were inspired by the ancient shoes used by Roman and Greek gladiators during battle. Since its inception as a simple piece of footwear, the sandal’s popularity has grown to embrace a diverse variety of heights, designs, and material options.

  • Shoes featuring flip-flops on the bottoms of the feet

In terms of these, there isn’t much else to say. Flat soles make flip-flops the most practical footwear for regular wear because they are the most comfortable. A Y-shaped strap stretches from the sole of these women’s shoes and around to the sides. Flip-flops are available in a range of styles, ranging from traditional rubber straps to dazzling metallic straps.

  • Sandals with two adjustable straps

This women’s shoe type for ladies is characterised by two wide cross-straps that wrap horizontally around the foot, as the name suggests. 2 Strap sandals, which have recently increased in popularity, are inspired by the original Birkenstock model introduced in the 1960s. The majority of sandals are in the slip-on design. However, slingback two-strap sandals are also widely worn.

  • T-bar sandals with a slingback heel

T-bar sandals have recently gained popularity among women. Traditionally, T-bar sandals are flat-soled shoes with a T-shaped strap attached to an ankle strap by a buckle at each end. In contrast to the classic British school sandal, modern T-bar sandals feature open toes and are sleeker and more elegant than the original closed-toed kind.

  • Mary Janes

Janes is a classic kind of women’s footwear that has stood the test of time. They are similar in appearance to ballerino flats but have a small strap across the centre of their feet to keep them from falling off. They gained popularity in Australia after it originally featured in the Buster Brown comic strip in approximately 1902; these shoes were worn by a fictional character named Daisy, who was instrumental in bringing them to the attention of young girls everywhere. Brands like Frankie 4 have a wide collection of fashionable Janes available in various sizes and colours.

  • Slideshows

In recent years, skate-inspired sandals with an instep strap that are backless and open-toed have become increasingly fashionable among fashionistas. Because they are quite comfortable to wear, slippers are a popular footwear option for women throughout the summer months.

  • Oxford

Oxfords, also known as Balmorals in Australia, are a formal shoe design with a closed lacing system on the front and the back of the foot. However, Oxford shoes are distinguished from other types of shoes by the shoelace eyelet tabs located beneath the vamp. Patent leather is the most common material for Oxford shoes, but many other options are available.

  • Mules

Mules are a type of women’s shoe with a long history that may be traced back to antiquity. Because they have no back and no constriction around the heel of their feet, they are quite comfortable. Many different textiles are available for these close-toed sandals, ranging from leather to canvas to velvet and beyond. Lover shoes have, in fact, become popular today.

Dani Khan