Top Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Fiber-Optic Internet

Top Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Fiber-Optic Internet

High-speed internet that maximizes security is an utmost need today. This is especially true for businesses since they have time-sensitive online activities that cannot be accommodated by slower internet technologies. Therefore, fiber internet is becoming extremely popular as the top choice for businesses.

Top Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Fiber-Optic Internet

Here are the most important reasons your business needs to switch to fiber optic internet today!

  1. Increased security

Security is a huge concern for businesses, especially during these times when everything is dependent on virtual networks. All your business’s sensitive data is on the virtual network, which can be very easily hacked and abused by rivals. Anything that does not ensure security for your business is a waste of resources, both time and money. Don’t settle for anything that shows the slightest hint of insecurity. For example, cable internet, which is a shared line, is more vulnerable to hackers and data leaks.

In comparison, fiber optic internet is a much more secure option. This is not to say that fiber-optic internet is the end of it all and there is not going to be anything safer than that. Technology is advancing, and security threats are being minimized day by day. For now, fiber-optic internet is the best choice for most businesses. The only way for hackers to hack or tap into a fiber internet network is to break the cables apart, which means the internet signal will be lost. Consequently, fiber internet ensures greater security for your business more than any other internet type.

  1. The symmetric speeds

We can all agree that the majority of businesses today depend on the internet to do most of their important tasks such as sharing files, communicating with international clients and data analytics as well. With a glitchy internet speed, the productivity of businesses can be hindered. This is why internet speed is so important.

With fiber optic internet, businesses don’t have to worry about slow and unreliable internet speeds. In fact, fiber optic internet has symmetric upload and download speeds. This greatly enhances a business’s productivity.

Fiber optic internet is available from speed tiers as low as 100 Mbps and as high as 1000 Mbps. Mediacom Xtream internet is a prime example of how 1000 Mbps of the internet can be utilized at an affordable price. Say goodbye to slow internet that increases wait time and lower productivity by switching to fiber internet for your business.

  1. Bandwidth enough for cloud

Cloud applications are becoming essential for most businesses. Whether it is for storing data or for customer relationship management, cloud access is critical. The Flexera 2021 State of the Cloud Report suggests that multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategy has become the most common path for enterprises, due to the efficiencies it has to offer.

Cable internet that has shared and limited bandwidth is not sufficient for businesses that frequently need to access the cloud. Therefore, fiber internet comes into play for such usage. With fast speeds, the delay to access cloud applications is lessened with fiber internet. Additionally, the cloud is also used for storing sensitive data. And since fiber internet is the safest option right now, it is becoming critical for enterprise-level cloud applications.

  1. Little to no external interference

Ever faced a frustrating internet outage due to heavy rainfall or flooding in your area? Nothing should interfere with your business and its productivity. But with internet technologies like copper cable and satellite internet being so vulnerable to weather and external interferences, this becomes a huge challenge.

In contrast, fiber internet is least affected by the weather. It transmits internet signals in the form of light beams and not electric signals. Consequently, flooding or an increase in moisture does not affect its functionality. These cables are layered with plastic, making them less prone to damage from weather conditions such as rain, floods, and snow. The plastic layers also fight against rust and corrosion, ensuring the durability of the cables. These are low-maintenance and do not get affected by external conditions.

So, while the rest of your business’s area stays in blackout and without electricity, you can still count on your fiber internet to not stop your business activities online.

The Bottom Line Is…

With little to no latency, symmetrical upload and download speeds, and minimal interference from external factors make fiber internet a lifesaver for businesses. Ensure increased productivity and enhanced security for your business with fiber optic internet.

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