Why Incense Burners are the Best Way to Relieve Stress

Why Incense Burners are the Best Way to Relieve Stress

Today we’re talking about the wonders of incense burners and how they can help you to relax, relieve stress, and enjoy your day without any worries whatsoever. We’ll go over what exactly an incense burner is, how it works, and some tips to keep in mind when you’re choosing one that’s right for you. So sit back, breathe deeply, and read on to find out why an incense burner can be your new favorite way to relieve stress!

What is an incense burner?

An incense burner is a tool used for burning incense, usually made of ceramic. They can be placed on top of a traditional wooden holder for burning or sitting directly on a table as a standalone decoration. Most burners have small holes in their bottom that allow smoke from the incense to seep out, although some burners have vents on their sides instead. Many people like having an incense burner around because it enhances meditation and brings a sense of calmness into your home or office space. There are many different styles available in stores; however, it’s often more fun (and affordable) to make your own using empty cans or recycled wine bottles.

What kinds of stress can incense burners help with?

Many types of stress can cause us to feel anxious or depressed. Other times, they can make it difficult for us to get a good night’s sleep. The key is figuring out which kind of stress you have and using incense burner in a way that will help alleviate your specific type of stress. If you’re feeling anxious or unhappy, try meditating with an incense burner in your bedroom. You could even read a book about meditation before bed and light an incense burner after you go through your daily routine but before going to bed so you’re surrounded by relaxing scents throughout your day and night as you learn how to relax better!

How do incense burners work?

There are a few different ways an incense burner works. In some cases, it may simply be a container that holds ash from burning incense cones. In other cases, it’s more elaborate—incense burners can incorporate water or sand and a heat source in order to create billows of fragrant smoke. It doesn’t really matter how they work, but what does matter is that these tools can help you relax during stressful times of the day. You might choose an incense burner based on its color or shape, for example—and there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s all about personal preference and helping you find something that feels right for your needs. Once you’ve selected one, try lighting it up and just taking deep breaths while you watch as your stress fades away.

How does this affect our brain?

There’s a reason that incense has been used for thousands of years. It makes us happier, less stressed, and more relaxed. The smoke from burning incense produces calming aroma molecules like cineole and alpha-pinene which interact with our olfactory system – triggering endorphins and relaxing our central nervous system. When you aren’t stressed, your mind is able to function much better because it isn’t in fight or flight mode. You can think clearly, be creative and focus on important tasks when you feel relaxed; perfect qualities in any workplace. Using an incense burner at work will help everyone relax and enjoy their job even more!


It is important to know how people use incense burners. They help relieve stress and promote a much calmer state of mind. People often forget about using incense burners because they are more focused on other things. However, you should always make time for them so that you can properly enjoy their benefits and effects. Before picking out an incense burner for yourself, read through reviews so that you can get a better idea of what type of product will suit your needs. Also, consider what size you need and make sure it is portable. If you find something in-line with these criteria, it will make things easier for you when using it later on down the road!

David John