Top 5 PUBG Players In Pakistan 2021

Top 5 PUBG Players In Pakistan 2021

Do you play PUBG? if your answer is not it’s very shocking because now pubg made global wise game. Almost all countries have their own version of pubg. But some countries ban this game due to a decrease in their children’s IQ. And these countries are worried about their children’s future – Top 5 PUBG Players In Pakistan 2021

But my opinion where pubg is waste of time where pubg is a source of income many peoples especially for a disabled person.

Now in Pakistan, 90% of children play pubg but on this average, some children earn from youtube through pubg. But some children only waste their time and destroy their future. My advice to these children doesn’t waste their time. If you can’t live without playing pubg so make pubg your source of income. I am showing the Top 5 pubg players in Pakistan. Which players make their name in the gaming community and also making their names in youtube creators.


  • 47 KHALIFA


Initially, Staranonymous is the most favorite person in the Pakistan gaming community. The real name of star anonymous is Mubeen. Star Anonymous is a Pakistani pubg player. He belongs to Rawalpindi.
So Star Anonymous started its youtube channel on 16 MAY, 2017.he is an iPad player and played with 5 finger claws. The subscriber of his youtube channel 1.97M.

However, Staranonymous is famous for his good game and lovely talk and also for his funny dialogues. Some Pakistani spread hates in the Pakistani gaming community but anonymous says “don’t spread hate only love”. That’s why Star Anonymous is liked by everyone.

You want to check the star anonymous us pubg ID given in below:


Social Media Accounts:
Instagram: theanonymousxd
Youtube: Star ANONYMOUS


Secondly, Legend sam also a famous Pakistani pubg mobile player. He is famous for his good game and his looking handsome. His real name is SAM MALIK. Legend sam is the mobile player he played pubg on IPHONE 12 PRO MAX. Legend sam belongs to Islamabad. And Legend sam 20-year-old.

He has a mythic fashion title and also a season 4 conqueror frame.
⦁ He played with 4 fingers plus Gyro Always on.

Therefore, the movement and jiggle of legend sam Make his gameplay very interesting for viewers. Legend Sam was the first Pakistani tiktoker who upload pubg videos on TikTok and became famous. He has 215k subscribers on youtube.
Legend SaM pubg ID: 5116614055

Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: mrsammalikofficial
youtube: Sam gaming


Dr. Pikachu first Pakistani pubg mobile gamer.And also first Youtuber girl from Pakistan. The real name of dr Pikachu Syeda Marium. She plays with 2 fingers on iPhone 8 plus. She lives in the city of Pakistan Lahore.

So she started his youtube channel in 2016. And she has 317 K subscribers on her youtube channel.

PUBG ID: 561397761


Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: drpikachuyt
Facebook: Doctor Pikachu
youtube: Doctor Pikachu


47 khalifa famous M24 player in Pakistan. He is also known as CEO OF TRICK SHOTS. The real name of 47 khalifa is Osama Qayyum. He is 20 years old and lived in Peshawar. So, he is a mobile player and playing with 3 fingers plus Gyro. He is the leader of 47 Official clan. 47 khalifa is a famous Pakistani Youtuber and also tiktoker. He has 621 K subscribers on his youtube channel and 1M + follower on TikTok.

47 Khalifa Pubg iD: 5267813117

Social Media Accounts:



Predator is a famous and old Pakistani Youtuber. The real name of the predator is Zubair khan.  So He started his youtube channel on 11 September 2017. He made a world record with 41 Kills solo Vs squad in Erangle. He is playing with four fingers. So the name of the predator clan is FYME. He has a 484K Subscriber on his youtube channel. predator was born in Pakistan on 5 August 2000.

Predator Pubg ID: 5369459460

Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: yt_predator


I hope you liked this article and get knowledge about top Pakistani pubg players. If you have any question or doubt in my article kindly inform me in comment thanks.

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