How to Unlock Android Smartphone when you forgot the password (full details)

How to Unlock Android Smartphone when you forgot the password (full details)

Did you lock your Android device and now you’re having trouble unlocking it? Looking for ways to unlock Android phone password without software.

Do you know how to unlock an android smartphone when you forget a password? So you find the right place to solve your problem. This problem is not only for you but Many users forget their phone passwords.

Many Peoples use passwords to protect their privacy pictures videos and documents. But sometimes they lose all Data. Which data they protect from other peoples. Because After forgetting the password Android needs to restore. Here is we discussed the best way to Unlock your android smartphone after forgetting the password. Unlock an Android smartphone when you forgot the password.

Best way to Unlock your Android Smartphone Password

 Power and Volume Down Button

By using the power and volume button at the same time to unlock your password. This way is officially announced by Android for its users. But in this method users lose their all data after restoring their phone. But there is no other method to restore his phone without software. This method is free but when you take a risk to unlock your phone by software. The shop owner gets charges from you to unlock your phone. But we find an Easy way to unlock your android password.

 Power and Volume Down Button
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  • Turn off your Android Smartphone
  • Now push the power and volume down buttons together
  • When the Android logo shows on the screen leave the buttons
  • You can navigate by using the up and down volume button
  • Use the power button to select any Action
  • Now move to Data factory reset
  • This will erase everything on the phone
  • Use the power button to select the confirmation
  • Now it takes some time to Turn on
  • That’s it now Your phone is Brandley new just like after unboxing.

After using all these steps which are given in above. You reset your android smartphone easily without using any software.


Here is we discussed How to unlock Android smartphone when you forgot the password. I hope you will get much knowledge from my article. And this article will helpful for you and your friends. If you like it share it with your friends. If any other questions in your mind about this. So freely come to the comment box.

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