How to Transfer Files from iPad to PC in 2022

How to Transfer Files from iPad to PC in 2022

Have to Apple iPhone or iPad and want to transfer files from iPad to computer? Apparently, this is very simple but when you have a 4GB Plus size file then the simple method doesn’t work. Transfer Files from iPad to PC.

First of all, let me explain the reason behind this, why iPhone don’t allow us to transfer data to PC? Apple devices are secured and due to the high protection, the data is not transferred from Smartphone to PC like other Android devices.

So we are here to discuss how to transfer files from iPad to PC. We explain below the two basic methods by which you can transfer files from your iPad to your computer. According to the Apple official statement, you can use the iCloud drive for transfer data. But when file size is high, you can’t use iCloud then you need to use other method that mentioned below:

Use the Original Data Cable for transfer the files

The first easy method for transfer data, use the original data cable. You can transfer any data from an iPad or iPhone to a computer in an instant.

How to transfer data from iPad to PC with the help of original cable? Follow the instructions then you will be able to transfer data easily:

  • Make sure you have the original Apple data cable
  • Connect iPad to computer with data cable
  • Allow the data transfer in iPad
  • Go into the “My PC
  • Then click on iPad drive (mentioned there)
  • Find the file that you want to transfer iPad to PC
  • Copy and paste in computer (where you want).

How was it simple? But keep in mind your file size should be less than 4GB, otherwise, you will be unable to transfer the data from iPad to PC. But don’t worry if you have more than 4GB of data, you can use the second method that is mentioned below.

Use “Simple Transfer” Apple App for Transfer data

Simple transfer is Apple store app which you can transfer huge size of data from iPad to PC. Just follow the instructions that how to instant and how to use “Simple Transfer app” for transferring data:

  • Download and install the “Simple Transfer app” in iPad as well as in PC
  • Open the app on both iPad and PC
  • Connect with the computer (by click on find device)
  • Enter the verification code (will show on the computer)
  • Now the iPad is successful connected with PC
  • You can transfer data from iPad to PC.
Simple transfer App
image via Apple store (Simple transfer App)

When you used this method, you can transfer any size of data from iPad to Laptop without a data cable. This is a useful method but be patient it takes some time for transferring data. It depends on your internet speed. Because this app works online and takes some time.

I’m personally using the “Simple Transfer” app when I need to transfer data from my iPad to PC. Normally I used the first method that we discussed but when my file size is huge then use the “Simple transfer” app.

Use Simple transfer App
image via Sipmle transfer App (Use Simple transfer App)

Key Point

Most iPad users have difficulties transferring data from PC to iPad. If you are thinking that the data cable method will work, you are wrong. You can use the second method or you can use the “SHAREit”.

With the help of SHAREit app, you can easily transfer a small size of data from PC to iPad. You don’t use any data cable for it.

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