How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Chats in 2021

How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Chats in 2021

Now WhatsApp is one of the most using apps. Which we all want to use on our mobile phones. Through WhatsApp, you can easily do calls, video calls, Messages videos, and photos sharing with your friends and relatives. WhatsApp is a free-to-use application that you can use on Android or iPhone and also on PC.

But Sometimes Mistakenly We Send messages to the wrong person on WhatsApp. That Messages we couldn’t want to send. WhatsApp allows deleting messages directly from your Mobile phone. Until Receiver didn’t see your message on his phone. Many times you received Messages on WhatsApp that are deleted from the sender side.

The Deleted messages are shown on your mobile phone screen Such as “This message was deleted”. But You eagerly want to Know Which Message was deleted from the sender side. Are you sure Do You Know How to Read Deleted WhatsApp chats.

This message was deleted
image via WhatsApp (This message was deleted)

Here is we Shared informative Tips and Tricks to read Deleted WhatsApp chats

How to See Deleted WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp don’t Allow to read Deleted WhatsApp chats. But we Can Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages by Using the google Play store Application. The Name of this google Application is “Notisave” Which allows you to See Deleted WhatsApp Chats. Simply following these steps Which are given in Below to Read Deleted WhatsApp chats

Notisave App
image via Google play store (Notisave App)

How to Use Notisave App to read deleted WhatsApp Chats

  • Go to the Google Play store
  • Open “Search Bar” of Google Play store
  • Enter “Notisave” Application name
  • Just Download “Notisave” Application which shows in the first Number
  • After installation Open It and “Allows” Some Permissions
  • After that go to the “Messages”
  • Just “Click” on Add to group
  • Select Applications which you want to save in Notisave such as WhatsApp
  • Now see All deleted WhatsApp messages After unsent by anyone in Notisave Application

This Method is Simple and easy to use to See Unsent WhatsApp Messages from your friends and relatives on WhatsApp. After using these steps which are given in Above, you can easily read any deleted Messages.

Use Notisave App
image via Notisave App (Use Notisave App)


Here are all details and Methods which you can use for Read Deleted WhatsApp chats. I am personally using these Steps When I am Unable to see deleted WhatsApp messages. This Application is safe and Secure but Make sure you follow these Steps Carefully. I hope you liked my informative content, If you liked Just Share it with your friends for their help. If you have any questions about reading deleted WhatsApp chats feel free to ask in the Comment Box.

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