How to Fix 6x Scope adjust glitch in PUBG Mobile

How to Fix 6x Scope adjust glitch in PUBG Mobile

Are you mean, you are a PUBG player and you don’t have faced any glitch On PUBG Mobile. So it’s totally wrong. Because PUBG has a lot of Glitches, Bugs, and errors in every version. These glitches and bugs disturb every PUBG player during matches or before matches. Fix 6x Scope adjust glitch.

PUBG Mobile launched a new update before every season. So every new season in PUBG Mobile comes with new glitches and errors Such as a Mic glitch, Lag problem, Game start problem, TDM glitches, and many other glitches. Previously, we discussed lag fix on PUBG Mobile. But today we discussed the 6x Scope adjust glitch in PUBG Mobile. And also share a solution to this Question Which is want to know every PUBG player How to fix 6x Scope adjust glitch in PUBG Mobile.

Here is we discussed the Simple method for fix 6x scope adjust glitch in PUBG Mobile.

Best Method to Fix 6x Scope adjust glitch in PUBG Mobile

Turn of Data/WIFI

PUBG Mobile has a lot of glitches and error and also have a lot of weapons with a lot of recoils. In PUBG Mobile 6x Scope is famous Scope. Which is the demand of every person. Every PUBG player wants to adjust 6x Scope Means convert 6x into 3x for reducing his recoil. Because 6x have a lot of recoil without adjustment. Sometimes players faced an issue of 6x Scope not adjust due to glitches. So read instructions carefully to fix this problem which is given in below.

Turn of Data & WIFI
image via Android (Turn of Data & WIFI)
  • Firstly, Just Turn of Data or WIFI
  • wait for till you will not see an option Match server timed out
  • Now Switch On your Data/WIFI again
  • Now Click on ok
  • Boom! This glitch is fixed
convert 6x into 3x
image via PUBG Mobile (convert 6x into 3x)

By using this method, you can easily and quickly fix this problem. You can easily convert your 6x into 3x if you have an issue during the match.

Restart the Game

PUBG Mobile has a lot of glitches but 6x Scope not adjust problem is one of them. Where PUBG player can’t convert their 6x Scope into 3x. They don’t see any adjust option on their mobile screens. Now Simply in this method, you don’t need to turn off your Data/Wi-Fi. Just follow a simple trick to remove 6x glitch by a simple method. Follow these steps to fix 6x Scope adjust glitch in PUBG Mobile.

  • No need to Turn off Data/WIFI
  • Just Minimize the PUBG game full
  • Now restart the PUBG Mobile
  • After restart, click on enter match again
  • Congo! This problem is fixed, now you can easily convert 6x into 3x
  • Restart the Game
    image via PUBG Mobile (Restart the Game)

Final thoughts

Finally, we have shared Simple Methods How to fix 6x Scope adjust glitch in PUBG Mobile. I am sure this method is simple and easy. Every PUBG Players Know about this glitch and also knows how to fix it.  But some new PUBG Mobile Players don’t know about this glitch, they eagerly want to know how to fix it Problem. I hope this article is helpful for every new or old PUBG player.

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